Rice Flour Sweets – Sweets made utilizing Rice Flour

In Japan, a noticeable shift within the appreciation of rice is unfolding, highlighting the rising prominence of rice flour sweets. Derived from finely crushed rice powder, this adaptable ingredient has paved the best way for modern approaches to conventional rice consumption. Whereas rice has conventionally been loved primarily as a grain meals, latest explorations into novel culinary practices, like remodeling it into bread, truffles, noodles, and extra, have garnered important curiosity. Past its gustatory attraction, selling using rice flour presents a possibility to contribute to the preservation of Japan’s important rice fields. Be part of us in exploring the world of rice flour sweets.


What’s Rice Flour Sweets?

rice flour sweets pancake

In Japan, “Komeko Sweets,” or Rice Flour Sweets, are yummy treats and desserts crafted primarily with rice flour. Rice flour, created by grinding rice into powder, is a standard substitute for wheat flour in Japanese cooking. Individuals who can’t deal with gluten or want a gluten-free food plan particularly take pleasure in these treats. Most rice flour in Japan comes from non-glutinous or glutinous white rice, however some merchandise use floor brown rice or sake rice flour. Past Japan, rice flour may come from indica rice, crimson rice, and numerous different varieties, providing a variety of choices.

Rice Flour Sweets Historical past

different kinds of bread

In accordance with Rice flour has an extended historical past in Japan, courting again to the Nara interval. There are several types of rice flour, corresponding to shiratama flour created from glutinous rice and joshin flour created from non-glutinous rice. These have been utilized in conventional Japanese sweets like dango, mochi, youkan, in addition to rice crackers. The Japan Rice Flour Affiliation is working to make use of superior expertise to make rice flour right into a high-quality powder appropriate for a wide range of makes use of, together with bread, cookies, truffles, pasta, and tempura flour.

Rice has been part of Japan for over 2,000 years, launched throughout the Yayoi interval. The Nihon Shoki, an historic Japanese chronicle, refers to rice as paddy seeds and acknowledges chestnuts, barnyard grass, wheat, and beans because the 5 grains essential for human meals. Using rice flour was launched throughout the Nara interval, influenced by envoys to the Tang Dynasty who introduced again Chinese language sweets. Chinese language sweets like senbei and magari, created from wheat or rice flour and fried in oil, had a big affect on Japanese sweets. Over time, Japan developed its distinctive sweets, mixing influences from the Tang Dynasty, Nanban sweets launched in 1571, and the refinement of sweets throughout the Edo interval with the expansion of the tea ceremony.

Following the Edo interval, Japanese sweets unfold broadly, incorporating native elements and regional flavors. The manufacturing of rice flour performed an important function on this culinary growth. Initially, flour was manually produced utilizing mills, however as water wheels grew to become widespread, milling methods improved. Rice flour steadily grew to become accessible to the overall inhabitants, and by the Meiji period, it underwent mechanization, resulting in the high-quality rice flour accessible at this time. This historical past of rice flour displays the richness it has dropped at Japanese delicacies, contributing to the varied and scrumptious vary of meals loved throughout the nation.

Well being Information about Rice Flour

rice flour with wheat
出典: 農林水産省 

The calorie distinction between wheat flour and rice flour is simply 7 kcal, not a lot of a spot. Nonetheless, rice flour generally is a more healthy selection relying in your cooking. The important thing to its well being advantages lies in its low oil absorption charge, making it possibility for decreasing energy in fried dishes like rooster and tempura. Furthermore, rice flour is digested extra slowly than wheat flour, and rice flour bread is chewier, making you’re feeling fuller as you chew extra. One other dietary perk is that rice flour has a greater amino acid rating than wheat flour. The amino acid rating measures the steadiness of protein and important amino acids in meals, and rice flour’s rating of 65, based on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, is increased than wheat flour’s rating of 41, indicating a greater amino acid steadiness in rice flour.

Consuming wheat-based merchandise like bread can result in an elevated dependence on gluten. Moreover, wheat accommodates the carbohydrate “amylopectin,” recognized to trigger speedy spikes in blood sugar ranges. Such spikes might end in subsequent sudden drops in blood sugar, triggering emotions of starvation and probably resulting in overeating. However, rice flour, with its decrease Glycemic Index (GI) in comparison with wheat flour, induces a slower and extra sustained enhance in blood sugar ranges. This slower rise helps keep a sense of fullness, decreasing the chance of overeating. Whereas rice flour might indirectly contribute to weight reduction, it may be seen as a selection that promotes higher management over meals consumption.

Options of Rice Flour

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Rice flour has numerous traits. First, it has a chewy texture. It is usually a refreshing and wholesome meals with low oil absorption. In comparison with wheat flour, it has a decrease oil absorption charge, so for instance, when tempura is fried with rice flour, it stays crispy for a very long time. (Oil absorption charge = rice flour 21%, wheat flour 38% *absorption charge of batter when frying rooster thighs). One other large function is that folks with allergic reactions can eat it with confidence. Wheat accommodates lots of gluten. Gluten may cause allergic signs, and in Western international locations it’s believed to be the reason for celiac illness, an autoimmune illness. Though celiac illness is uncommon in Japan, the variety of individuals with wheat allergic reactions is rising. Rice flour doesn’t include gluten.

What’s the distinction between rice flour and wheat flour?

souffle cake using rice flour

So, what’s the cope with rice flour versus wheat flour? Properly, wheat flour has this protein referred to as gluten, present in barley, which makes dough all stretchy and sticky—nice for making bread. However right here’s the catch: gluten generally is a downside for folk with allergic reactions. Enter rice flour, the gluten-free hero! In contrast to wheat flour, rice flour doesn’t have gluten, making it a sizzling matter as a “non-gluten” or “gluten-free” ingredient that’s getting increasingly more consideration.

What sort of rice flour?

bread loaves

Alright, so let’s break it down. In Japan, they’ve been utilizing chunkier rice flours like “joshinko” from non-sticky rice, and stickier ones like “mochiko,” “shiratamako,” “kanbaiko,” and “domyojiko” from sticky rice for ages of their sweets. However guess what? Due to some cool enhancements in how they make flour, now we are able to get even finer rice flour. This high-quality stuff is hitting the cabinets, and out of the blue, it’s not only for conventional Japanese sweets. Nope! Individuals are utilizing it for all types of goodies, like Western sweets and bread. It’s catching on, and everybody’s loving it!

Rice Flour Sweets FAQ

How rice flour contribute to rising meals self-sufficiency charge?

Selecting rice flour for making bread and noodles may help enhance Japan’s meals self-sufficiency. At present, the nation has a low meals self-sufficiency charge of 38%, largely on account of dependence on wheat imports. By changing wheat flour with regionally produced rice flour, it may possibly contribute to enhancing meals self-sufficiency. This estimate relies on the belief that regionally sourced rice flour replaces imported wheat flour within the bread-making course of, with every bread utilizing roughly 80g of rice flour.

What are the disadvantages of rice flour?

First off, it may be a bit difficult to get your palms on. Moreover, it tends to be pricier in comparison with wheat flour. One other factor to remember is that dough made with rice flour tends to harden sooner than dough made with wheat flour. Lastly, the rice flour dough might not stick collectively as effectively.

Numerous Rice Flour Sweets

Butter cookies

butter cookies in plate

Rice flour butter cookies which can be crunchy and have a buttery taste that fills your mouth. These cookies have a really light style of rice flour. 

Rice flour banana muffin

banana muffin rice flour sweets

Introducing muffins made with rice flour as an alternative of wheat flour! The banana added moisture. Add chocolate chips for a satisfying end. The beauty of it’s that it’s straightforward to make simply by mixing banana and rice flour.

Tofu cream rice flour roll cake

tofu ice cream roll with wooden spoon

Introducing a roll cake that you could make within the microwave with out utilizing eggs! By utilizing tofu within the cream, there is no such thing as a must foam the cream! Please attempt making a roll cake that could be a little totally different than regular.

Rice Flour Sweets Recipe

Butter cookies utilizing rice flour Substances

Substances of butter cookies for five individuals Measurements
 Rice flour 120g
Unsalted butter 70g
Sugar 50g
Crushed egg 23g
Vanilla essence 3g
(出典: Delish Kitchen)

How you can make Rice Flour Sweets – Butter Cookies?


Making ready the batter combination

Carry the butter to room temperature. Lay a parchment paper on a baking sheet. Put the butter in a bowl and blend till clean, then add the sugar and blend till it turns into whitish.


Add the eggs and vanilla essence

Add the crushed eggs 3 to 4 instances, stirring every time, then add the vanilla essence and blend.


Add rice flour and roll right into a ball

Add the rice flour and blend till there are not any lumps, then use your palms to roll it right into a ball about 18cm lengthy, wrap it in plastic wrap, and form it. Place within the freezer for about an hour.


Bake and serve

Take away the dough from the freezer, take away the plastic wrap, and minimize into 1cm huge items. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake in an oven preheated to 170℃ for 15 to twenty minutes.

Banana Muffins utilizing Rice Flour Substances

Substances of banana muffins 3 individuals Measurements
Banana 25g
Egg 23g
Sugar 40g
Milk 42g
Salad oil 56g
Rice flour (for confectionery) 150g
Baking powder 7g
Chocolate chip 30g
(出典: Delish Kitchen)

How you can make Rice Flour Sweets – Banana Muffins?



Preheat the oven to 170℃. Add rice flour and baking powder to a bowl and blend with a whisk (flour).

The rice flour used is rice flour for confectionery. Many rice flours used for bread making include wheat gluten, so make sure to test the elements.


Lower bananas and mash them

Lower the bananas into skinny slices for garnish. Place the remaining bananas in a bowl and mash them with a fork.


Make the combination

Add eggs, sugar, milk, and salad oil to bowl and blend effectively. Add the flour and blend, then add the chocolate chips and blend (dough).


Bake and serve

Place a cup within the mould, divide the batter into equal components and prime with bananas for adornment. Bake in an oven preheated to 170℃ for about 20 to 25 minutes.

The place to purchase Rice Flour Sweets?

Satsuki (スイーツさつき)

Satsuki (スイーツさつき) rice flour sweets

At Satsuki, they concentrate on crafting flour-free truffles completely from 100% rice flour, using meticulously chosen elements. Their distinctive rice flour mix includes numerous varieties, permitting for a flexible vary of sweets. By adjusting the mixing methodology to match every deal with, they’ve created choices with out eggs or dairy, guaranteeing a deal with for everybody. Satsuki makes use of 5 distinct rice flours, every with its traits, alongside rice elements and soybean flour. This selection ensures various textures of their truffles. Furthermore, Satsuki extends their choices to incorporate SOY sweets and plant-based treats.

Deal with: 1 Chome-21-14 Himonya, Meguro Metropolis, Tokyo 152-0003, Japan
Cellphone quantity: 03-3760-0478
Hours open: 10:00-18:00; Closed: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Web site: https://sweets-satsuki.com/

Okashiya Tokyo (カフェテリア)

Okashiya Tokyo (カフェテリア) rice flour sweets

OKASHIYA TOKYO stands out as a gluten-free Western confectionery store that depends completely on 100% home rice flour. Prioritizing regionally sourced elements and steering away from components, they current a pleasant array of distinctive sweets unique to OKASHIYA TOKYO. Their choices vary from the traditional gently candy financiers to extra modern creations. They infuse every creation with numerous smiles and loving ideas, guaranteeing a pleasant expertise for each buyer.

Deal with: 1-24-7 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0015
Hours open: 12:30-20:30
Web site: https://okashiya-tokyo.com/

NachuRa (グルテンフリースイーツ専門店 NachuRa南青山店)

NachuRa (グルテンフリースイーツ専門店 NachuRa南青山店) rice flour sweets

NachuRa takes satisfaction in crafting all their sweets by hand, excluding white sugar and flour to make sure everybody can indulge with peace of thoughts. Their particular ingredient is rice flour, steering away from wheat flour and predominantly counting on rice flour. Sourced from home rice, this rice flour not solely has fewer energy than wheat flour however can also be simply absorbed by the physique, lessening the burden on one’s system. With a dedication to healthful elements, NachuRa goals to offer treats which can be each scrumptious and conscious of their clients’ well-being.

Deal with: 2-8-18 minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Cellphone quantity: 0170-4680-4217
Hours open: 10:00~18:00
Web site: https://nachura.store/

For On-line Purchasing

For individuals who wish to order or purchase Rice Flour or Komeko in Japan, you’ll be able to mail it to your own home on-line on Rakuten. You possibly can take a look at some retailers that promote Rice Flour or Komeko by way of Rakuten by clicking beneath.

And for individuals who wish to order or purchase however stay away from Japan. You possibly can ship them from Rakuten by following the steps beneath. Rakuten provides Worldwide Transport Service, so don’t worry about how one can obtain your objects. Rakuten International Specific is an internet buying service that permits customers to buy at shops in Japan.


First, you want a Rakuten ID. In case you are already a Rakuten member, you can begin utilizing Rakuten International Specific. When you’ve got not registered but, click on right here.

Get your private RGX handle

After signing up, you’ll get a Japanese handle: a Rakuten International Specific handle.

Store at shops in Japan

Now that you simply get your self a private RGX handle (Rakuten International Specific handle). You possibly can store on-line in Japan, click on right here to buy Rice Flour or Komeko (not solely Rakuten however different on-line shops are additionally included).

 When you’ve determined in your objects, set the supply handle to your Rakuten International Specific handle.

Affirm objects

After objects are shipped to the RGX handle, they are going to be packed into one bundle. You additionally obtain an electronic mail upon confirming this stuff and fee.

As soon as the fee is confirmed, your bundle might be delivered inside a delegated interval relying in your delivery selection.


mochi rice flour sweets

Rice flour sweets have turn into a pleasant a part of Japan’s various culinary scene, particularly since some use koshihiraki rice to course of it. From chewy mochi to crispy senbei, these treats showcase the flexibility of rice flour in crafting a wide selection of scrumptious confections. As a gluten-free different, rice flour has not solely contributed to conventional Japanese sweets however has additionally ventured into the world of Western-inspired desserts, reflecting the evolving style preferences of the individuals. Whether or not loved throughout festive events or as on a regular basis indulgences, rice flour sweets have firmly established themselves, including a contact of sweetness to Japan’s culinary traditions.

You possibly can test some Japanese dishes beneath that we all know you want to attempt too.


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