Nigori Sake – Historical past, Eating places and On-line procuring

Have you ever ever heard of Nigori Sake? This conventional Japanese beverage has so much to supply, with its distinctive flavors and textures. On this article, we’ll discover what makes Nigori Sake particular and how one can get pleasure from it to the fullest. Whether or not you’re new to sake or a seasoned fanatic, there’s one thing fascinating about Nigori Sake that’s value discovering. So, preserve calm and revel in this fascinating world with us!

What’s Nigori Sake?

Definition and options

Nigori sake is a kind of Japanese rice wine that’s not clear like different sakes. It seems cloudy as a result of it nonetheless has some rice sediment in it. To make nigori sake, after brewing, it’s put right into a bag referred to as a “sakabukuro” and squeezed to separate the liquid from the solids.

In contrast to common sake, nigori sake deliberately retains a few of the rice sediment, giving it a cloudy look. This cloudy half known as “ori.” Nigori sake has a singular texture and taste, with some varieties being fizzy or creamy. It’s typically loved for its barely candy style and smoothness.

Distinction between Nigori Sake and Doburoku

nigori sake bottle and cup

Doburoku is a kind of sake made in the course of the sake brewing course of, often known as “dakushu” or “dakurou,” and generally referred to as “moromi sake.” Usually, in sake brewing, rice, rice koji, and water are fermented to create “moromi,” which is then filtered by means of a course of referred to as “squeezing and sedimentation.” Nevertheless, doburoku is made by skipping this “squeezing and sedimentation” step.

Nigori sake and doburoku are distinct kinds of sake, every with its personal manufacturing methodology and classification. Nigori sake is crafted by urgent and filtering moromi, forsaking some sediment, which contributes to its attribute cloudy look and clean texture. In distinction, doburoku skips the urgent and filtering phases, retaining extra sediment and leading to a cloudier and doubtlessly thicker texture.

Moreover, whereas nigori sake is categorized as “sake” underneath the Sake Tax Legislation, doburoku is classed as “different brewed liquor” attributable to its deviation from the usual sake manufacturing course of. Thus, whereas each exhibit cloudiness, nigori sake tends to be clearer and falls inside the sake class, whereas doburoku doesn’t.

Historical past

Origin and Improvement

wide mouth vessel

The historical past of nigori sake traces again to historic Japan, with its origins intertwined with the event of sake brewing strategies. In the course of the late Jomon interval to the early Yayoi interval, when rice cultivation strategies had been launched from the Asian continent, nigori sake emerged as a companion to rice in providing prayers throughout divine ceremonies.

All through the Asuka and Heian intervals, the Imperial Court docket established the Zosakushi (Sake Brewing Workplace) to supervise the manufacturing of sake, mirroring the frilly rituals and banquets of the aristocracy. The “Engishiki,” an in depth account of the laws of the Heian interval, recorded 13 kinds of sake brewed within the imperial court docket, together with candy sake, nectar sake, and varied kinds of lees sake, highlighting the range of sake manufacturing throughout that period.

In native communities, sake brewing expanded past the aristocracy, with several types of sake reminiscent of cloudy sake, clear sake, powdered sake, and candy sake being produced to cater to numerous social courses.

Nevertheless, entry to sake was restricted for commoners, with prohibitions on alcohol consumption apart from particular events reminiscent of agricultural rituals, spiritual ceremonies, and restricted markets. Consequently, cloudy sake grew to become extra accessible to the final populace in comparison with clear sake, reflecting the socio-economic disparities of the time.

Evolution and Unfold

sake served at the counter

In the course of the Kamakura interval, as political unrest engulfed the nation, sake brewing transitioned from centralized court docket management to decentralized manufacturing, with temples, shrines, and native breweries changing into outstanding producers.

By the late medieval interval, regional variations of sake, together with the famed “Nembutsu Sake” brewed by Buddhist temples, gained recognition for his or her high quality and craftsmanship.

Within the early trendy interval, the emergence of business sake breweries in city facilities marked a shift in direction of mass manufacturing, facilitated by developments in brewing know-how. Nevertheless, authorities laws such because the “Sakabasho” licensing system launched within the Edo interval imposed strict controls on sake manufacturing and distribution.

Regardless of these laws, sake continued to evolve, with varied sorts together with clear sake, cloudy sake, and a mix of each changing into fashionable amongst shoppers. The emergence of izakayas (Japanese pubs) and sake specialty retailers additional contributed to the diversification of sake tradition, making it extra accessible to most of the people.

Within the trendy period, sake manufacturing underwent scientific developments and technological improvements, resulting in elevated manufacturing and distribution. Regardless of challenges such because the oil disaster of 1974, which triggered a brief decline in consumption, sake remained an integral a part of Japanese tradition.

Right this moment, nigori sake continues to be cherished for its distinctive style and historic significance, reflecting centuries of brewing custom and cultural heritage.

Primary Methods to Get pleasure from Nigori Sake

Nigori Sake served with food

Chill it or have it on the rocks

Nigori sake enables you to style the rice’s pure flavors as a result of it has a little bit of rice in it. Earlier than opening, gently shake the bottle to combine the rice and the clear sake. Then pour it right into a glass with ice and revel in.

Throughout summer season, it’s additionally tasty to combine it with soda. Mixing nigori sake with soda makes it extra refreshing, particularly if it’s candy or barely bitter.

Heat Sake brings out its richness

Heating sake brings out its sweetness, good for winter scorching pots. Heating nigori sake makes it smoother and richer, so you may benefit from the grain flavors extra.

Particularly, nigori sake with a wealthy style, like these made utilizing a particular methodology. Heating these sorts makes them even tastier. Pour nigori sake right into a container for heating, add slightly water, and revel in it heat.

Get pleasure from two completely different tastes with one Nigori Sake

Nigori sake separates into two layers, rice sediment on the backside and clear sake on the prime.

First, with out shaking, style the clear sake on prime. It’s clean and clear, letting you are feeling the sweetness and richness.

After that, gently shake to combine it. You’ll benefit from the creamy texture of nigori sake. You’ll be stunned by how completely different it tastes when combined with sediment.

Selecting Nigori Sake by Brewing Technique

Nigori sake is available in two predominant brewing strategies. One methodology entails bottling the sake with out pasteurization, often known as “nama genshu.” On this course of, yeast cells proceed to ferment even after bottling, leading to secondary fermentation. This methodology produces a barely effervescent texture, providing a refreshing fizz when sipped. Nevertheless, because of the lack of pasteurization, unpasteurized sake is delicate and can’t be saved for lengthy intervals. Nonetheless, the continued fermentation course of permits for nuanced taste adjustments over time, including to its attraction.

One other methodology entails pasteurization, the place heating eliminates the effervescence however yields a wealthy and clean style. Pasteurized nigori sake affords secure high quality and will be saved at room temperature. For these involved about storage, selecting pasteurized nigori sake with out carbonation may be preferable.

white sake bottle

Deciding on Nigori Sake by Alcohol Content material

Nigori sake is normally not very sturdy, similar to common sake. It has about the identical alcohol as common sake, round 15%. However some nigori sake is stronger, like over 20% alcohol. And a few is weaker, about 10%. If you happen to don’t like sturdy alcohol, you would possibly just like the weaker nigori sake.

Deciding on Nigori Sake by Opacity

Nigori sake will be roughly cloudy. If it’s very cloudy, it would style stronger as a result of it has extra yeast in it. This makes it a bit bitter. But when it’s much less cloudy, it tastes lighter and sweeter. There’s additionally some nigori sake that’s virtually clear, so it tastes extra like common sake.

Beneficial Nigori Sake

[Asahi Shuzo] Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Glowing 45

Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling 45
出典:Asahi Shuzo サイト

Asahi Shuzo’s “Dassai” is a well-liked glowing nigori sake beloved by many sake followers. It’s made by rigorously sharpening “Yamada Nishiki” rice as much as 45% after which bottling the rough-pressed moromi (unrefined sake) with out heating. This leads to a high-quality bottle.

Whenever you style it, you’ll discover its distinctive and fruity aroma typical of Junmai Daiginjo sake, adopted by the fragile sweetness of Yamada Nishiki rice. Its refreshing end, due to the carbonation, provides to its attraction. With a average alcohol content material of 14%, it’s simple to drink and ideal for these new to nigori sake.

You possibly can get pleasure from it with meals to boost their flavors or pair it with fruits for a pleasant after-dinner drink. Take your time to get pleasure from its refreshing style.

[Miwa Shuzo] Shirakawa-go Junmai Nigori Sake

Shirakawago Nigori
出典: sakenomy

Miwa Shuzo’s “Shirakawa-go Junmai Nigori Sake” is known as after the UNESCO World Heritage Web site “Shirakawa-go” in Gifu Prefecture. It has a milky-white look and a wealthy, clean texture as a result of they preserve a few of the moromi (unrefined sake) like doburoku.

They use loads of sake rice and brew it with smooth water from the Ibi River. This brings out the pure sweetness and richness of the rice. It’s greatest served chilled and goes nicely with hearty dishes like grilled meat, eel, and yakitori. You possibly can drink it on the rocks or straight, or strive mixing it with soda for a singular style.

[Miwa Shuzo] Shirakawa-go Junmai Ginjo Sasani-gori Sake

Shirakawago Sasanigori

Miwa Shuzo’s “Shirakawa-go Junmai Ginjo Sasani-gori Sake” is a barely dry kind of sasani-gori sake, the place they mix ginjo moromi with 60% polished junmai ginjo sake to create a aromatic brew. Whenever you sip it, you’ll discover a clean style with a touch of moromi lingering on the tongue. It’s greatest loved chilled for its wealthy taste and refreshing crispness.

With its clean and gentle style, it’s good for these new to nigori sake or those that desire a lighter nigori sake. You possibly can get pleasure from it chilled, on the rocks, or combined with soda. Pair it with easy Japanese dishes like sashimi or grilled fish to totally recognize the distinctive aroma and taste of junmai ginjo sake.

[Nambu Shuzo] Hanagaki Junmai Nigori

Hanagaki Junmai Nigori

Nambu Sake Brewery’s “Hanagaki Junmai Nigori” is a formidable junmai nigori sake with a shiny, pure white shade paying homage to doburoku. Brewed solely with rice and rice koji, it brings out a wealthy aroma and the pure taste of rice. Whenever you take a sip, you’ll expertise a clean, creamy sweetness that lightly expands in your mouth, leaving a nice rice-like aftertaste.

Its versatility in serving temperatures, whether or not chilled or on the rocks in summer season, or at room temperature or gently warmed in winter, provides to its allure. This sake is really useful for these in search of a refreshing and easy-to-drink candy nigori sake.

[Konishi Shuzo] Shirayuki Nigori Junmai Sake

Shirayuki Nigori Junmai Sake
出典: Konishi Shuzo サイト

This can be a well-known model produced by Konishi Shuzo. It affords a refreshing style with a touch of sweetness and richness from the rice that expands as you drink, leaving a smooth aftertaste to savor.

Its charming look includes a easy bottle with a softly textured label, including to its attraction. With an alcohol content material of round 13-14% and an reasonably priced worth, it’s an amazing alternative for rookies exploring nigori sake. Its light taste makes it good for sipping by itself or as a base for cocktails. You possibly can combine it with soda, drinkable yogurt, or your favourite fruit juice to create a flavorful authentic cocktail.

Efficient Storage Strategies

This sake ought to ideally be saved within the fridge. Unpasteurized nigori-zake, which is bottled with out present process warmth therapy, continues its secondary fermentation course of inside the bottle.

Moreover, since it’s not pasteurized, it’s endorsed to devour it promptly after opening. Even for pasteurized nigori-zake, the presence of sediment within the bottle means it doesn’t have the identical shelf life as common sake. As soon as opened, retailer it within the fridge and devour it inside two weeks. Even when unopened, retailer it within the fridge and devour it inside six months from the date of manufacture.

Nigori Sake FAQ

What sort of dishes go nicely with nigori sake?

Such a sake pairs nicely with dishes like fish delicacies or dishes that spotlight substances for the glowing kind, whereas for the non-sparkling kind, it enhances rich-flavored dishes like Chinese language delicacies or meat dishes. It additionally goes properly with cheese or dairy merchandise. Subsequent time strive having fun with it along with your meal!

Can cloudy sake be utilized in cooking?

Sure, cloudy sake can improve the flavour of varied dishes when utilized in cooking. Its delicate sweetness and umami notes can add depth to marinades, sauces, and soups. It can be utilized in batter for frying or as a base for sauces in Japanese delicacies.

Manufacturing Strategies

sake manufacturing process



Like common Japanese sake, the method begins with fermenting rice to create moromi, a combination of rice, water, koji mould, and yeast.



After fermentation, the moromi is positioned right into a sake bag and squeezed underneath stress to separate the liquid (sake) from the solids (sake lees).



Within the manufacturing of standard sake, the liquid is then sometimes subjected to sedimentation and filtration to take away any remaining advantageous sediment or impurities. Sedimentation entails permitting the moromi to settle, then skimming off the clear higher layer. Filtration additional refines the sake by eradicating any remaining solids or impurities.



Relying on the kind of nigori-zake being produced, it could endure pasteurization. Unpasteurized varieties skip this step, whereas others could also be pasteurized as soon as earlier than transport or as soon as earlier than storage. Some might even endure pasteurization twice.


Last Packaging

As soon as the specified processing steps are full, the sake is packaged and prepared for consumption.

It’s vital to notice that nigori-zake differs from common sake in that it’s characterised by leaving some sediment (lees) within the ultimate product, leading to its cloudy look. Moreover, whereas common sake goals for readability and refinement by means of filtration, nigori-zake sometimes skips or minimizes these steps to retain a creamy texture and fuller taste.


Beneficial locations to get pleasure from Nigori Sake

Saizou Ikebukuro (創作酒庵 彩蔵池袋 )

出典: 創作酒庵彩蔵 サイト

At Saizou Ikebukuro, they rejoice creativity with out compromising on taste. Their dishes mix Japanese and Western influences, utilizing rigorously chosen substances from Kyushu and past. Attempt signature “Foie Gras Daikon” dish to expertise our culinary excellence.

Step into our Kyoto-inspired ambiance, the place each nook exudes magnificence. Every eating area affords privateness, good for having fun with our scrumptious creations alongside a number of Japanese sake, together with nigori sake. What’s extra, tje costs are reasonably priced, making this place a well-liked alternative for weekday treats or gatherings with associates. Whether or not you’re exploring new flavors or stress-free with advantageous sake, it guarantees an unforgettable expertise.

Deal with:1 Chome−29−1 サントロぺ池袋 8F, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima Metropolis, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +81369073883
Enterprise hours: 11:00–00:00 (open every day)
Web site:

Senya Ichiya Shinagawa Ekimae (全席個室 鮮や一夜 品川駅前店)

Various choices of wines

Within the non-public ambiance of “Senyaichiya,” you may get pleasure from your meal at your individual tempo. Their non-public rooms are designed with distinctive atmospheres, and so they’ll put together the right room to fit your event. The inside combines Japanese model with magnificence, ultimate for enterprise conferences or entertaining friends. This restaurant affords quite a lot of course menus, making it a flexible alternative for any event.

Deal with: 2 Chome−6−9 7F, Konan, Minato Metropolis, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +815020195976
Enterprise hours: 17:00–23:30 (shut on Sunday)
Web site:

Shunsai Aoyama (旬菜青山)

Choices of sake in Shunsai Aoyama
出典: 旬菜青山サイト

Shunsai Aoyama is the place you encounter genuine Japanese delicacies that celebrates seasonal substances to the fullest. The proprietor personally visits Tsukiji Market daily to pick out the freshest substances, guaranteeing high-quality. From sashimi to tempura, they make every dish rigorously to spotlight the essence of the season. The light flavors convey out the inherent allure of the substances, creating a classy but acquainted eating expertise. The restaurant exudes a tranquil environment, good for intimate gatherings or formal events. Nestled in Ginza, it stands out as a hidden gem the place adults collect to savor distinctive delicacies in a refined setting. It additionally affords a number of nigori sake to enhance their seasonal dishes. Whether or not you’re a connoisseur or new to nigori sake, the workers at Shunsai Aoyama can advocate the right pairing to boost your meal.

Deal with: 8 Chome−5−21 かわばたビル 新館 6F, Ginza, Chuo Metropolis, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +81355376870
Enterprise hours:18:00–22:00 (shut on Saturday and Sunday)
Web site:

For on-line procuring

For individuals who wish to order or purchase Nigori Sake in Japan, you may mail it to your private home on-line on Rakuten. You possibly can try some retailers that promote it through Rakuten by clicking beneath.

And for many who wish to order or purchase however dwell away from Japan. You possibly can ship them from Rakuten by following the steps beneath. Rakuten affords Worldwide Transport Service, so don’t worry about how one can obtain your objects. Rakuten International Categorical is a web based procuring service that permits customers to buy at shops in Japan.


First, you want a Rakuten ID. If you’re already a Rakuten member, you can begin utilizing Rakuten International Categorical. When you’ve got not registered but, click on right here.

Get your private RGX handle

After signing up, you’re going to get a Japanese handle: a Rakuten International Categorical handle.

Store at shops in Japan

Now that you just get your self a private RGX handle (Rakuten International Categorical handle). You possibly can store on-line in Japan, click on right here to buy Juwari Soba (not solely Rakuten however different on-line shops are additionally included).

 When you’ve got determined in your objects, set the supply handle to your Rakuten International Categorical handle.

Verify objects

After objects are shipped to the RGX handle, they are going to be packed into one package deal. You additionally obtain an e mail upon confirming this stuff and fee.

As soon as the fee is confirmed, your package deal shall be delivered inside a delegated interval relying in your transport alternative.


nigori sake holding on hands

Nigori sake, famend for its velvety texture and daring flavors, presents a fascinating departure from conventional Japanese spirits. Its unfiltered nature imparts a definite sweetness and complexity, incomes it accolades amongst sake connoisseurs. Our really useful eating spots present ultimate settings to relish this distinctive libation. From cozy non-public settings to upscale eating venues, these institutions provide numerous environments to understand nigori sake alongside delectable fare. Whether or not you’re a seasoned sake fanatic or an adventurous newcomer, embarking on a journey to discover nigori sake at these eating places guarantees a memorable gastronomic expertise. So why not seize the chance and immerse your self on this quintessential Japanese indulgence? It’s an expertise to not be missed.

We additionally advocate making an attempt these drinks beneath. Or click on right here to search out out extra about Japanese meals tradition!


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