Morioka Jajamen – Meals Sake Tokyo



Morioka #jajamen is noodle dish topped with a meaty miso, cucumbers 🥒, and grated ginger 🫚. On the desk is a chili sauce for including warmth and vinegar to brighten it up.

To complete we tried the chiitantan soup. A uncooked egg is cracked into the bowl with the final of the noodles. The server brings the bowl to the kitchen the place the broth for boiling the noodles is added to the bowl.

Pairon 白龍 white dragon restaurant is situated within the Morioka Station constructing. There may be additionally an enormous procuring space, like a depachika meals corridor, close by.

The final picture are two shinkansen 🚄 related. They separate at this station. We then take the pink bullet prepare to Akita.🥰



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