Hotei-Chan Izakaya with each standing and tables… PLUS!!! Sapporo Pink Star Bottle Beer solely 410 yen! OMG!! (iPhone 12 Mini)


From the nook of my eye I see Sapporo Pink Star BIG Bottle for 410 yen! DUDE! Thats the most affordable I’ve ever seen it in Tokyo… on the Grocery store its 360 yen! 

Tuna tartar on a mattress of avocado.

Gobo root with mayo dip. 

Very cheap straightforward in and simple out izakaya.  Employees was principally Indian so when you have any menu questions Im positive they will help you in English. 

Restaurant: Hotei Chan Asakusa Department

Restaurant J: ほていちゃん 浅草店

Deal with J: 東京都台東区浅草2-15-2

Deal with E: Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakkusa 2-15-2

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