Himonoya for some superb fish hotpot! Rented out your entire 2nd ground… tremendous attentive service from the employees. (iPhone 12 Mini)


After a night of of Beginner combine martial arts the gang all headed to Himonoya in Shinkiba for some superb seafood!  The course was largely fish and I certain did want me some fish…

Our group rented out your entire 2nd ground.

All you may drink menu within the 4,800 yen course.  I just about caught with the beeru.

Seasoned uncooked scallops

Sashimi platter with salmon, shiny pores and skin fish and buri… none of my favourite tuna. 

Simply had one slice of buri… it was extremely thick, 

Grilled fish was soooo juicy… one big one per particular person.

Little did I do know I’d completely love this fish hotpot.

Eggs that you simply usually discover at most sushi retailers however I dont suppose it was freshly made… appeared a bit processed however with somewhat diced daikon radish and shoyu it was good.

Pickled veggies

Let that hotpot simmer a bit so the recent fish will get properly cooked. 

Had largely beer however wanted to get a little bit of whisky hiball within the combine.

Then! After everybody almost finishes all of the fish and veggies within the hotpot we added a scoop of rice and a uncooked egg.  Soooo good! For some cause I tasted one thing tacky… yum!

A lot of the fighters have been amateurs and common individuals with regular jobs… good crew of parents.

In case you are within the subsequent match simply let me know! Will maintain you all up to date. However total this izakaya was simply sooo nice… as enormous as our group was the waiter and waitress had a optimistic angle through the top.  Nice service!

Restaurant: Himonoya Shinkiba Important Department

Restaurant J: ひもの屋 新木場総本店

Tackle J: 東京都江東区新木場1-3-8

Tackle E: Tokyo, Koto-ku, Shin Kiba 1-3-8

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