Awajishima Burger – Historical past, Numerous sorts, Recipes


On this article, we’re going to uncover the AwajiShima Burger, a tasty journey within the coronary heart of Japan. Think about having fun with burgers made with native stuff like Awaji beef, onions, and contemporary seafood. It’s all from lovely Awaji Island, surrounded by the ocean and sunny climate. Each chunk tells a narrative of the island’s hardworking cooks. A few of these burgers even received huge prizes throughout Japan. At the moment, let’s dig into the story and flavors of this particular Japanese burger. Be a part of us to seek out out all about it in right this moment’s article!


What’s AwajiShima Burger?

Awajishima Burger is greater than only a burger; it’s a culinary tribute to the flavors of Awaji Island. Bearing the unique title “Awaji Island Burger,” these pleasant creations are born from a heartfelt want to share the island’s distinctive delicacies. Crafted with plentiful native elements corresponding to onions, lettuce, succulent Awaji beef, and tender octopus, every chunk encapsulates the essence of Awaji.

Some variations showcase the star ingredient, Awaji beef, whereas others go a step additional, incorporating domestically grown Koshihikari rice and milk from Awaji into the buns. The result’s a collection of burgers that supply a hearty and satisfying style, making Awajishima Burger a culinary journey celebrating the distinct flavors of Awaji Island.

About Awaji Island

Awaji Island, the legendary “Starting Island,” unfolds in historical Japanese texts. As detailed within the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, deities Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto birthed islands, with the primary, “Onokoro Island,” laying the muse.

Awaji, historically generally known as “Nuo Island,” preserves a fascinating coexistence with nature, beckoning guests to its mystical realm. The island thrives attributable to an idyllic local weather and fertile soil, famend for supplying the imperial court docket with nutritious greens. Awaji’s culinary legacy, that includes native dishes like “Tai Males” and “Chobo Soup,” displays ancestral knowledge, with traditions persisting by means of evolving instances.

About Awajima Onion

One of many factor that makes Awajima Burger particular is its Awajima Onion. Awaji Island, representing Japan, is widely known for its iconic produce – the Awajima onion. Cultivated for round 130 years, these onions maintain a novel standing. In 1964, Awaji Island turned Japan’s main onion producer with over 3,000 hectares beneath cultivation. Surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea, the island’s heat local weather, averaging 16°C yearly, gives a really perfect surroundings for onion progress.

The cultivation, intertwined with the island’s conventional farming practices, includes crop rotation and the usage of cow manure from native herds. Awaji Island onions distinguish themselves with distinctive sweetness and tenderness, attributed to the fertile soil enriched by minerals from the encircling seas. The island’s onions, benefiting from each local weather and cultivation knowledge, provide a taste that units them aside.

Historical past

Awaji Island Burger has a wealthy historical past rooted within the culinary tradition of Awaji Island. Varieties corresponding to “Awaji Herb Burger,” “Awaji Island Burger,” and “Awaji Beef Burger” showcase the island’s distinctive flavors. Drawing inspiration from native dishes like Awaji Island Beef Bowl and Awaji Island Nudoru, residents craft burgers incorporating homegrown elements like onions and Awaji beef. Collaborative efforts involving authorities our bodies, tourism associations, and chambers of commerce improve the promotion of those burgers at occasions.

The famend “Onion Beef Burger” debuted at Roadside Station Uzushio in October 2011, gaining nationwide recognition when offered as “Awaji Island Burger” on the Tottori Burger Festa later that yr, securing the third place nationwide. Notably, some variations function Inobuta, an unusual specialty meat, and have earned accolades, such because the Excellence Award on the sixth Inventive Cooking Contest in Awaji Island.

Some options in elements of AwajiShima Burger

Each step within the course of of creating burgers, from sourcing to cooking and serving is vital, infusing every stage with loads of love. Expertise the deliciousness of Awaji Island Burgers, the place elements come collectively to create a harmonious taste.

Stick To The Substances

In “Awaji Island Burger,” they supply elements with a dedication to element, crafting them by means of cooking strategies that maximize the potential of every ingredient. The star, Awaji Island onions, are meticulously chosen for his or her excessive sweetness, amongst different elements corresponding to 100% beef patties, fluffy buns, and contemporary home lettuce and tomatoes. Each element displays a powerful dedication.

Awaji Onion

Onion rings

The final word dedication in Awaji Island Burgers lies within the absolutely ripe onions! Sweeter and juicier than abnormal onions, these onions provide an beautiful style unique to Awaji Island Burger.

Sourced from farmers who meet Awaji Island Burger’s distinctive requirements, these onions stand out for his or her cultivation strategies, sweetness, and the farmers’ dedication. The burgers solely function onions from farmers who share a powerful dedication to their cultivation.

Patty and buns

Awajishima burgers function patties grilled with an open flame for a meticulous, individually crafted cooking course of. Paired with buns delicately baked with a particular recipe, they supply a softness that reveals a deep, wealthy taste. Benefit from the layers of style inside every chunk.

Numerous kinds of AwajiShima Burgers

Akkun Burger (あっくんバーガー )

Akkun Burger
出典:Awaji Island グルメガイド

Akkun Burgers are protected and dependable burgers on Awaji Island with the idea of utilizing beef to make hamburgers. Whereas partaking in livestock farming on the island, we specifically bake the buns with the assistance of a neighborhood bakery. The elements embody thick-cut bacon, handcrafted authentic minced meat, contemporary tomatoes, and lettuce. Moreover, we use a particular sauce and mayonnaise. The burgers are mild and scrumptious, appropriate for enjoyment from all ages!

High Gas (トップヒュエル)

Top Fuel
出典:Awaji Island グルメガイド

It’s a connoisseur burger that includes selfmade buns baked contemporary each morning, a meaty patty uniquely blended with beef and pork, and an authentic sauce meticulously crafted by the proprietor! Moreover, the must-try burger on Awaji Island contains grilled Awaji onions, sandwiched in a melt-in-your-mouth state.

Sawara Katsu Burger (サワラカツバーガー)

Sawara Katsu Burger
出典:Awaji Island グルメガイド

A neighborhood burger that includes plentiful Awaji Island fish, ‘Sawara,’ as the principle ingredient. The crispy, scorching Sawara cutlet is paired with protected and safe greens grown in our personal farm – Awaji Island onions and cabbage. The key to the flavour is our authentic tartar sauce! With tomatoes as a hidden ingredient, the tartar sauce has a refined pink hue. Its refreshing style enhances the crispy Sawara cutlet completely.

Grilled Awaji Beef Mega Craft Burger (グリル淡路牛メガクラフトバーガー)

Grilled Awaji Beef Mega Craft Burger
出典:Awaji Island グルメガイド

Big burger with an ideal concord of candy sauce and Awaji Island onions. A signature dish from the Craft Kitchen – a voluminous burger! A 200g patty produced from Awaji beef on a 17cm diameter bun, mixed with candy sauce, creates an opulent chunk. Benefit from the satisfaction of Awaji Island’s proud onions, delivering a wealthy taste and daring consuming expertise. Whether or not indulging solo or chopping it with a knife to share with household or mates, it’s a advisable culinary journey!

Awajishima Onion Beef Burger (あわじ島オニオンビーフバーガー)

Awajishima Onion Beef Burger
出典:Awaji Island グルメガイド

Winner of the Nationwide Regional Burger Grand Prix! Starring the roughly 8mm thick Awaji Island onion cutlet. On prime of that, richly seasoned Awaji beef and a premium tomato sauce, utilizing twice the quantity of tomatoes, are added. Benefit from the kick of the key spicy mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, and the distinctive texture of the brand new buns collectively.

AwajiShima Burgers FAQ

What makes Awaji Island Burgers distinctive in comparison with different regional burgers in Japan?

Awaji Island Burgers stand out for his or her distinct native flavors, incorporating elements like Awaji beef and onions, reflecting the island’s culinary heritage. The collaboration of residents and native authorities contributes to the distinctiveness of those burgers.

How has the federal government and tourism associations supported the promotion of Awaji Island Burgers?

The federal government, tourism associations, and chambers of commerce and business actively cooperate to advertise Awaji Island Burgers. Their assist contains participation in occasions and festivals to showcase the distinctive flavors of those burgers, contributing to the general promotion of Awaji Island as a culinary vacation spot.

How one can make AwajiShima Burger?


Substances (for 3 servings) Measurements
Awaji Island Onion 1
Egg 1
Pork stomach slices As many as you possibly can roll
Lettuce 1/2
Hamburger buns 3
Cucumber Pickles 3 slices
Ketchup To style
Mayonnaise To style



Put together Substances

Lower the Awaji Island onion into rings and season with salt and pepper.


Steam Onion Rings

Steam the onion rings till partially cooked.


Prepare dinner Sunny-Facet-Up Egg

Put together a sunny-side-up egg.


Grill Meat-Wrapped Onion

Wrap onion rings with pork stomach slices and grill till cooked.


Sprinkle Nutmeg on Cheese

Improve the cheese taste by sprinkling nutmeg.


Grill Meat-Wrapped Onion Rings

Grill the meat-wrapped onion rings for a pleasant coloration.


Assemble Burgers

Place grilled onion rings, cucumber pickles, and every other toppings on the hamburger buns.


Shut the Burgers

Shut the burgers and optionally add a sunny-side-up egg.


Take pleasure in!

Put together one other meat-wrapped onion, season, and assemble the final burger. Lastly, chill out and savor the distinctive Awaji Shima Burger flavors!

Really useful eating places/ shops

Awajishima Onion Kitchen (あわじ島バーガー 淡路島オニオンキッチン)

Awajishima Onion Kitchen

Located inside the Michi-no-Eki Uzushio, this informal eatery is a part of the roadside station situated on Awaji Island’s western facet, overlooking the Naruto Strait. Devoted to Awaji Island’s famend specialty, onions, the power provides a pleasant array of connoisseur dishes and souvenirs that includes this native produce. The Onion Kitchen is especially well-known for its hamburgers showcasing thick slices of Awaji Island onions.

Notably, the “Awajishima Onion Beef Burger” secured first and second place within the nationwide regional burger contest of 2015 and 2016, praised for harmonizing the sweetness of onions with the succulence of meat. The menu additionally options different onion-rich choices like burgers with onion gratin or onion tartar. On the station, a store presents an in depth assortment of merchandise, ultimate for souvenirs, together with onion jams, dressings, sweets made with Awaji Island onions, in addition to onion-themed items and equipment.

Handle: Hei-947-8 Fukura, Minamiawaji, Hyogo
Telephone quantity: +81799521157
Enterprise hours: 09:00–16:30 (shut on Thursday)
Web site: so forth/hamburger.html

Tamanegisokoatochi Shichikafe (玉ねぎ倉庫跡地 志知カフェ)


Situated in a renovated onion warehouse, this cafe boasts an extremely numerous menu. With a current makeover, each the inside and menu have taken on a trendy Hawaiian vibe. The Awajishima Burger, served on this stylish setting, is actually beautiful!

Handle: 447-1 Yagishinjo, Minamiawaji, Hyogo
Telephone quantity: +81799536980
Enterprise hours: 11:00–17:00
Web site:

Awaji Seaside Stroll Cafe

This cafe has your favorite Awajishima burger! A thick slab of meat topped with beneficiant parts of avocado and cheese, drizzled with Cobb sauce—the voluminous Awajishima Burger. Moreover, there are different engaging choices just like the Awajishima Burger with steak sandwiched in. A must-try delicacy!

Handle: Heianura-1882-1 Aigacho, Sumoto, Hyogo
Telephone quantity: +81799205475
Enterprise hours: 10:30–19:00 (shut on Monday)
Web site:


Awaji Shima Burgers are a tasty deal with from Awaji Island, identified for his or her distinctive flavors. The burgers function the island’s particular Awaji onion, well-known for being candy and juicy. From the top-notch Awaji Onion Beef Burger to artistic choices just like the Savorable Fish Cutlet Burger, they showcase the island’s scrumptious creations. The Awaji Island Burger Affiliation works onerous to advertise these burgers and convey folks collectively. Take a look at these burgers to expertise the incredible tastes of Awaji Island!

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