Tsukiji Kitsuneya – Meals Sake Tokyo


Meat and tōfu Tsukiji breakfast.

The niku dōfu beef and tōfu stew with rice and bitter tsukémono napa cabbage pickles (0shinko) at Kitsuneya. The store is known for its offal stew, which smells like a wealthy beef stew when one walks by the tiny stall.

My favourite is the sukiyaki-like tōfu with meat in a candy soy sauce broth. The strains are often very lengthy, even from early within the morning. I went lately on a Wednesday, when the market is often closed, and the road was quick! I used to be so completely satisfied. I haven’t had it in a number of years. I used to be additionally fortunate to get one of many two seats in entrance of the effervescent offal pot. Many of the diners are at excessive tables standing and consuming.

Tsukiji Kitsuneya 築地きつねや

Chūō-ku, Tsukiji 4-9-12

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