Torikizoku… wait they serve Kurokirishima Shochu! You should buy a complete 900ml bottle on the liquor store for 900 yen! (Sony RX100, iPhone Xs)



Dont neglect to order the free spices.

Small counter seating part. 

Seasonal specials. 

First time to ever spot Kurokirishima shochu at Toriki!  One small glass for 360 yen or you should buy a full 900ml bottle on the grocery store for round 900 yen.  Not a lot of a deal. 

Chinese language menu.

Japanese menu

Toriten with plum sauce. Nakamura firm owned Toriki department vs…

… Oyama Franchise Department.  Which hen appears to be like higher to you?

Its a really lengthy inside. 

Very small and dry hen vs Oyama Franchise Store.  

Numerous JPOP on the BGM

Toriki all the time has a free outlet for charging. 

Shitake mushrooms with minced hen.

One merchandise I extremely recommend is getting the Tori Kamameshi or rice with hen/veggies.  Takes about half-hour to organize and one of many few rice dishes served right here. 

My nightly goal… 1,000 yen for 3 gadgets.

The Nakamurabashi department is moderately small and meals quantity and prep moderately mediocre in comparison with different spots.  BUT If you wish to simply drink on a budget with no Otoshi computerized appetizer price its a no brainer. 

Restaurant: Torikizoku Nakamurabashi Department

Restaurant J: 鳥貴族 中村橋店

Deal with J: 東京都練馬区中村北3-23-5 B1

Deal with E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nakamurakita 3-23-5

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