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Sushi Canapés are the best type of sushi, and they’re a fairly finger meals. Just by placing your selection of sushi toppings on rolled rice, you’ll be able to create a shocking crowd-pleaser. I can assure you that everybody might be very impressed with how fairly (and engaging, in fact) they’re.


Hero shot of Sushi Canapés.

It isn’t very simple to make nigiri sushi correctly. Equally, you have to apply a little bit of method to make neat and tidy Sushi Rolls (Noroimaki) with the fillings within the centre. However you’ll be able to simply make Sushi Canapés with none bother in any respect.

The fantastic thing about at this time’s Sushi Canapés is that it appears to be like as if you happen to went by means of a lot bother making them and fantastically plating them. However actually it doesn’t require a lot effort in any respect.

Rolling rice on nori sheets with out fillings is simple. The sliced rice rolls don’t must look neat as a result of they are going to be lined by toppings.

Showing how to eat Sushi Canapés - dipping the rice in soy sauce.

You will have a really small quantity of topping per piece, and you may be inventive with the type of toppings you placed on the rice. Something that may go together with sushi rice is ok for a topping to brighten this easy sushi. The mixture of toppings is infinite.

What’s in My Sushi Canapés

Ingredients for rice rolls to make Sushi Canapés.

  • Yakinori (roasted nori sheets)
  • Sushi rice

Not like my recipes Sushi Rolls (Noroimaki) and Take Away Sushi Rolls, you’ll use a full-size nori sheet to make the rolled rice.

For every roll of rice, I used about 150g/5.3oz of sushi rice. In case you use extra/much less rice, you’ll make bigger/smaller canapé bases.


Ingredients for toppings of Sushi Canapés.

(From high clockwise)

  • Salmon sashimi, thinly sliced
  • Seared tuna sashimi, thinly sliced
  • Thinly sliced cucumber
  • Cooked prawns
  • Scallop sashimi, halved horizontally
  • Chopped takanazuke (within the center)


  • Ikura (salmon roe)
  • Leaves of sprout pea shoots for garnish (forgot to incorporate within the photograph, sorry)

I purchased a small tray of salmon sashimi and seared tuna sashimi from the fish store. I had frozen scallops that may be eaten uncooked after defrosting. My prawns have been medium measurement, so I halved them.

Takanazuke (photograph under) is the pickled Japanese mustard greens that I launched to you within the submit Fried Rice with Pickled Mustard Greens (Takana Chāhan).

Chopped Takanazuke (Japanese pickled mustard greens).

You don’t have to have all of them, and you should use different toppings. I listed different topping recommendations within the final part of this submit. You may be excited about utilizing a few of these as an alternative of the toppings above.

How you can Make Sushi Canapés

Since you may make the rice rolls forward of time, I divided the steps into two sections. See the video.

Rice Rolls

Step-by-step photo of how to make rice rolls and cut thin rice discs.

  1. Place a sheet of cling wrap on a workbench and place a nori sheet on it.
  2. Unfold rice on a sheet of nori, leaving about 4cm/1½” border on the aspect furthest from you.
  3. Ranging from the tip of the nori sheet closest to you, roll the rice with nori tightly to the tip.
  4. Wrap the rice roll within the cling wrap and twist each ends to safe the perimeters of the rice roll. Depart it for 5-10 minutes for the rice and nori to mix.
  5. Unwrap the cling wrap and slice the rice roll into skinny discs.
  6. Place the rice items on a big serving plate, evenly spaced out.

As you’ll be able to see within the photograph above and the video, not like normal sushi rolls, the rice is sparsely unfold, so that you don’t refill your abdomen.

You may make rice rolls 1 day earlier, though the rice turns into barely arduous. My suggestion is to depart the rice rolls in cling wrap with out slicing, and maintain them within the fridge.


Step-by-step photo of making Sushi Canapés.

In no explicit order till you place ikura on a few of them.

  1. Place one set of prawns on every rice base. It appears to be like higher if you happen to place the tail on high.
  2. Place one piece of scallop sashimi on every rice base.
  3. Place one piece of seared tuna on every rice base, folding the slice in order that the tuna simply covers the rice base.
  4. Place one piece of salmon on every rice base in the identical method because the tuna.
  5. Place about 5 slices of cucumber on every rice base.
  6. Taking a small quantity of takanazuke at a time, squeeze the liquid out of it, then make a small ball. Place it on every rice base.
  7. Put a number of ikura (salmon roe) on high of the salmon and cucumber. Put leaves of pea shoots on the scallops.
  8. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi to dip in.

I discover it simpler to place the identical toppings on without delay, scattering as evenly as attainable. You may also cluster the identical toppings collectively in order for you, however I feel scattering them appears to be like beautiful on a spherical plate. If the serving plate is sq. or rectangle, you’ll be able to group the identical toppings collectively and line them up neatly.

Three Sushi Canapés - Tuna, Cucumbers, and Prawn toppings.

Further Toppings and Combos

As talked about earlier, you should use nearly something that’s used for nigiri sushi and sushi rolls. The next shouldn’t be the entire listing, however chances are you’ll not have bother getting these elements.


  • All kinds of sashimi slices, e.g., kingfish, tuna, snapper.
  • Cured mackerel per my recipe Shime Saba.
  • Kingfish Tataki (may be tuna, yellow tail/horse mackerel).
  • Negi toro (minced tuna) as in my submit Negi Toro Don.
  • Smoked salmon.
  • Teriyaki Hen, minimize into small items.
  • Sautéed pork minimize into small items.
  • Grilled eel as in Unadon (Grilled Eel on Rice Bowl), minimize into small items.
  • Roast beef, minimize into skinny small items.
  • Blanched asparagus, a number of quick sticks per serving.
  • Avocado diced or sliced.
  • Takuan (pickled daikon), julienned.
  • Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms, complete if very small, or quartered.

Sushi Canapés with different toppings.

If utilizing sashimi slices, you’ll be able to both slice them thinner than normal sashimi and fold them to placed on the rice roll or slice them thick and halve the items to make them sq..

Topping mixtures

You may also put two toppings collectively.

  • Avocado and salmon/smoked salmon
  • Cucumber and prawns/tuna/salmon
  • Cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Canned tuna with avocado as in my submit Take Away Sushi Rolls.
  • Julienned perilla and umeboshi (pickled plum)

You is probably not aware of the mixture of perilla leaves and umeboshi, however most conventional sushi outlets make sushi rolls with them as fillings. It’s a refreshing sushi piece.


Three Sushi Canapés - Scallop, Salmon, and Takanazuke toppings.

By including a small garnish on high of the primary topping, you’ll be able to embellish the dish to be extra vibrant.

  • Ikura (salmon roe)
  • Tobiko (flying fish roe)
  • Micro greens
  • Sprout pea shoots (solely the leaves)
  • Sesame seeds (black and/or white)

I served Sushi Canapés on a few events just lately. It definitely wowed individuals at one look, then all of the sushi items disappeared rapidly. On each events, individuals requested if I made it myself. What a praise!

Zoomed-in photo of Sushi Canapés.

You may need struggled to make regular sushi rolls neatly because the filling must be within the centre of the roll with the correct stability of rice and the filling. However Sushi Canapés are really easy to make with extra tolerance for errors. Even when the rice rolls are barely uneven, it doesn’t matter as a result of the rice rolls are hidden beneath the toppings!

Sushi Canapés are an incredible finger meals and ideal for upcoming festive gatherings.


Watch How To Make It

Sushi Canapés

Time to relaxation rice rolls in cling wrap

10 minutes


Sushi Canapés are the best type of sushi, and a fairly finger meals. By merely placing your selection of sushi toppings on rolled rice, you’ll be able to create a shocking crowd-pleaser. I can assure you that everybody might be very impressed with how fairly (and engaging, in fact) they’re.

The directions are lengthy with many notes, however it’s really very simple to make. See the video.

Complete Time doesn’t embrace time to cook dinner rice and make sushi rice.

Remember to see the part ‘MEAL IDEAS’ under the recipe card! It offers you a listing of dishes that I’ve already posted and this recipe that may make up an entire meal. I hope it’s of assist to you.

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Serves: 28 items

Writer: Yumiko

Elements (tbsp=15ml, cup=250ml)

  • 2
    (roasted seaweed, full measurement)
  • 300g/0.7lb
    sushi rice
    (be aware 1)


  • 5
    (medium, cooked and peeled)
  • 5
    salmon sashimi
    (be aware 2)
  • 5
    seared tuna
    (be aware 2)
  • 2
    scallops for sashimi
    (be aware 3)
  • 25g/0.9oz
    thinly sliced cucumber
    (be aware 4)
  • 2
    finely chopped (be aware 5)


  • Ikura
    (salmon roe)
  • Sprout pea shoots
    (leaves solely)


Making Rice Rolls

  1. Minimize cling wrap right into a sq. (needs to be bigger than the nori sheet) and place it on a workbench, then place a sheet of yakinori on it within the centre, shiny aspect down. The longer aspect of the nori sheet needs to be horizontally positioned.

  2. Unfold half of the sushi rice on the yakinori overlaying your complete sheet, leaving 4cm/1½” border on the aspect furthest from you (be aware 6).

  3. Maintain the sting of the cling wrap nearer to you with each arms and raise the sting of the nori sheet with rice, then make a slender fold alongside the aspect line. Firmly press down over the cling wrap (be aware 7).

  4. Put the cling wrap again to the place it was. Utilizing each arms, begin rolling the rice with nori from the folded edge, transferring away from you till the tip. Just be sure you roll the rice firmly however not too tightly.

  5. Transfer the rice roll again near you and wrap the rice roll with the cling wrap. Twist each ends of the cling wrap to safe the tip of the rice roll and go away it for 5-10 minutes (be aware 8).

  6. Repeat for the second rice roll.

Making Canapé Base

  1. Discover the tip of the cling wrap and fold it or mark it in order that you’ll know the place to begin unwrapping the roll.

  2. Minimize the twisted a part of the cling wrap on each ends of the roll (be aware 9), then take away the cling wrap.

  3. Place the rice roll horizontally on a slicing board. Fold a pair items of moist kitchen paper (be aware 10).

  4. Pat each ends of the rice roll with the aspect of a knife to flatten the ends and make them tidy.

  5. Ranging from one finish of the roll, slice the roll into 1.5cm/⅝” thick discs. Each time earlier than you slice the rice roll, wipe your knife with the moist kitchen paper and take away the rice glued on it.

  6. It’s best to get 14 discs if the thickness of your slices is precise, as a result of the usual size of the nori sheet is 21cm/8¼” (be aware 11).

  7. Place the rice items on a serving plate, evenly spaced out.

Toppings (in no explicit order)

  1. Minimize the prawns in half within the center. Place a set of two prawn items on every canapé base, with the tail on high.

  2. Halve every scallop horizontally so that you simply get 4 skinny spherical scallop items. Place a chunk on every canapé base.

  3. Place a chunk of tuna on every canapé base and do the identical for the salmon piece (be aware 12).

  4. Take a number of cucumber slices per canapé base, randomly unfold them to suit to the diameter of the canapé base, then put them on.

  5. Taking ½ tablespoon of takanazuke per canapé base and squeeze it to get the liquid out. Make a ball form and put it on the bottom. Press all the way down to cowl the floor of the canapé base.

Garnish and Serving

  1. Put a number of salmon roe on high of salmon and cucumber items.

  2. Put leaves of pea shoots on scallops.

  3. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi in a small plate to dip in.

Recipe Notes

1. Please discuss with Temakizushi (Hand Rolled Sushi) for how you can make sushi rice.

2. I purchased a sashimi pack from Harris Farm Markets. They didn’t have tuna sashimi however had seared tuna as an alternative.

3. I used sashimi high quality frozen scallops by thawing them in a specific option to maintain good flavours. You could find this thawing methodology in my submit Scallop Terrine. My scallops have been 3-3.5cm/1⅛-1⅜” in diameter and a couple of.5cm/1″ thick.

4. I used a mandolin slicer to make 1.3mm thick slices. It doesn’t must be the identical thickness as my cucumber slices, as they are going to be piled up as a topping.
You simply want an satisfactory quantity of cucumbers per canapé. I feel 5g per canapé is satisfactory, however you’ll be able to put a bit extra if you happen to like.

5. Takanazuke is the pickled Japanese mustard greens that I launched to you within the submit Fried Rice with Pickled Mustard Greens (Takana Chāhan).

6. The rice won’t cowl the nori sheet utterly. You will note black nori displaying right here and there, and that’s fairly alright.

7. I fold it over the cling wrap in order that rice grains don’t persist with your fingers.

8. Leaving the roll within the cling wrap permits the rice and nori to mix.

9. Belief me, it is going to be extraordinarily tough to take away the cling wrap with out slicing each ends off.

10. Use moist kitchen papers to wipe your knife each time you narrow the rice roll.

11. It doesn’t matter if you happen to solely get 13 or 12 discs. You may get 15 or 16 in case your slice is a bit thinner, and that’s OK too.

12. Sashimi slices are often in an oblong form. Fold them in order that the sashimi piece properly sits on the canapé base.

13. You may make the rice rolls forward of time, though the rice turns into barely arduous. Full the directions for Making Rice Rolls and maintain the rolls within the fridge.


Meal Concepts

A typical Japanese meal consists of a principal dish, a few aspect dishes, a soup and rice. I attempt to provide you with a mixture of dishes with quite a lot of flavours, colors, textures, and make-ahead dishes.

Since Christmas is just one month away and Sushi Canapés is an ideal dish for it, I made a decision to choose some finger meals which might be fairly and can impress your friends.

Strawberry Shortcake is a dessert, however it’s a ‘will need to have’ cake for Christmas in Japan. So, I believed ‘why not?’.

Suggested finger foods for festive seasons.



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