Pink Konjac – Pink Konnyaku from Shiga prefecture

Pink konjac not solely supplies a visible twist however can also provide a nuanced taste profile. This culinary innovation displays the range and creativity current in Japan’s wealthy meals tradition, the place conventional substances are sometimes tailored to satisfy evolving tastes and preferences. Whether or not loved by itself or as half of a bigger dish, crimson konnyaku provides a contact of vibrancy to the culinary tapestry of Japanese delicacies.


What’s Pink konjac?

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

Relating to konjac in Japan, it’s typically the grey model made out of konjac potatoes. Nonetheless, in Omihachiman Metropolis, Shiga Prefecture, there’s a distinctive conventional meals known as “crimson konjac.” Pink konnyaku is a specialty simmered dish utilizing crimson konnyaku of Omihachiman Metropolis, Shiga Prefecture. In comparison with common konnyaku, it has no distinctive odor or delicate and plump texture. Pink konnyaku is crimson as a result of it makes use of an iron meals additive known as iron sesquioxide. It’s an additive that’s not dangerous to the physique and accommodates a wealthy quantity of iron comparable to take advantage of. Relating to dishes with konnyaku, oden is very well-known, however in Omihachiman, they often use crimson konjac. It’s acquainted for the folks of Omihachiman to see them skewered and positioned in a pot with different oden substances.

Pink konjac Historical past

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

There are numerous theories about how crimson konnyaku was born. Nonetheless, all of them have historic tales originating from well-known Sengoku warlords. The Sengoku warlord was Oda Nobunaga, and it’s stated that he preferred every thing crimson as a result of his flamboyant persona. One concept is that Nobunaga even had the Konjac dyed crimson. Omihachiman, the place Azuchi Citadel is positioned, is legendary for holding a conventional hearth pageant known as the Sagicho Competition each March. There’s additionally a concept that Nobunaga, the fort lord, danced whereas carrying a crimson undergarment. There’s additionally a concept that Omi retailers considered making crimson konnyaku whereas peddling throughout the nation. Nonetheless, there isn’t a historic materials or assist for any of them.

Really useful methods to eat

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

The most typical methods to eat konnyaku are as an ingredient in simmered dishes, dengaku dishes, and aemono dishes. You must eat crimson konnyaku in the identical approach as common konnyaku. Along with sq. crimson konjac, we even have string konnyaku, which can be utilized for hotpots and sukiyaki. 

It has much less odor than common konnyaku, so it may be used as sashimi with vinegar miso or wasabi soy sauce. It resembles beef liver sashimi, so some folks eat it like meat. In reality, there’s a recipe for slicing it thinly and grilling it on a scorching plate, then dipping it in sauce and consuming it like yakiniku.

What does Pink Konjac style like?

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

Regardless of its crimson look, it isn’t spicy, so even kids can eat it. In Omihachiman Metropolis, crimson konjac stew and crimson konjac salad seem at school lunches and are well-liked menu objects for youngsters. The feel is softer than common konnyaku, but has a agency and chewy texture. As a result of it’s voluminous and has a satisfying texture, it’s usually used as a aspect dish ingredient.

Well being Data

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

Pink konnyaku, like common konnyaku, provides well being advantages as it’s low in energy and carbohydrates, making it a wonderful alternative for weight administration and carb management. Its principal part, glucomannan, supplies excessive dietary fiber, selling a way of fullness and aiding digestion. With minimal fats and protein content material, crimson konnyaku is appropriate for these in search of low-fat and low-protein choices. The fiber in konnyaku might help in blood sugar management, although dietary patterns needs to be thought-about. Moreover, it’s gluten-free and vegan-friendly, catering to various dietary preferences, and accommodates small quantities of minerals equivalent to calcium and iron.

Numerous Pink Konjac Dishes

Boiled with crimson konnyaku from Omi

boiled with red konjac

It’s an orthodox dish soaked within the nutritious broth of dashi inventory, gentle soy sauce, and mirin, and the crimson konnyaku goes effectively with rice. 

Candy and spicy stir-fried crimson konnyaku beef rolls

sweet and spicy red konnyaku

A hearty stir-fry by wrapping crimson konnyaku with beef. The candy and spicy soy sauce taste with a touch of garlic will go effectively with rice. 

Combined rice with crimson konnyaku

mixed rice red konjac

Pink konnyaku is the perfect match for rice dishes. Combine freshly cooked rice with candy, spicy, simmered crimson konnyaku, burdock root, and bamboo shoots.

Pink konjac FAQ

What’s the season for consuming crimson konjac?

Consuming classes are made particular with ‘Pink Konnyaku Boiled,’ essential dish for ceremonies and faculty lunches. You’ll be able to take pleasure in this dish anytime as a result of seasoned processed variations can be found all year long. Shiga Prefecture, notably Omihachiman Metropolis, is understood for its scrumptious flavored crimson konjac, making it a preferred and attractive memento possibility.

Can crimson konnyaku be simply integrated right into a vegetarian or vegan food plan?

Sure, crimson konnyaku might be simply integrated right into a vegetarian or vegan food plan. Konnyaku itself, together with the crimson selection, is plant-based and derived from the basis of the konjac plant. It’s gluten-free and doesn’t comprise animal merchandise, making it appropriate for people following vegetarian or vegan dietary preferences.

Pink konjac Recipe

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

Pink konjac Components

Components of Pink konjac for 4 individuals Measurements
Pink konnyaku 300g
Flower bonito 8g
Soy sauce 20g
Candy sake 5g
Chili pepper 2g

make Pink konjac?


Put together and boil the crimson konjac

Boil the crimson konjac and soak it in water.


Lower and dry roast it

Lower the crimson konnyaku into quarters, then diagonally lower the triangular prisms into 3 mm-thick slices. Then, wash the lower konjac and dry roast it in a pot.

Add seasonings to style and serve

Add the dried bonito flakes, soy sauce, and mirin to the konnyaku and stir over low warmth to let the flavors infuse. End by including chili pepper.

The place to purchase Pink konjac?

Norimatsu Meals Yoshii Shoten (乃利松食品 吉井商店)

This store provides dependable objects backed by custom and modern merchandise that embody new concepts. Shigaraki ware, fermented meals, Biwako stationery, crimson konjac, and different enticing merchandise from Shiga’s distinctive local weather. 

Deal with: 21, Tameshincho, Omihachiman Metropolis, Shiga Prefecture
Telephone: 0748-32-2475
Hours open: 11:30-14:30 (LO 14:00); 17:00 – 22:00 LO 21:00
Web site:

Ultimate Ideas

Red konjac (赤こんにゃく)

Pink konnyaku is a vibrant and nutritious part in Japan’s wealthy culinary tapestry. Whether or not appreciated for its distinctive coloration, low-calorie attributes, or versatility in vegetarian and vegan diets, this Konjac-derived dish provides a pleasant fusion of custom and innovation. By exploring its preparation strategies, regional specialties, and potential well being advantages, we hope readers have gained precious information.

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