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It’s been chilly in Tokyo and we had scorching pots 3 times this week. Buta shabu shabu, imoni of taro root, beef, and greens, and oden, a scorching pot of fish muffins. The model of oden we did was based mostly on the fish muffins of the Hokuriku area together with Toyama and Ishikawa.

The colourful tai sea bream cake we picked up at Toyama Station at Hokuya grocery store which is within the Maroot constructing on the south aspect of the station. Among the different fish muffins we picked up at Hyakuban Mart, 100 Mart, which is within the Kanazawa Station. The kobumaki is kombu wrapped round fish cake and akamaki is the purple fish paste rolled round white paste. The fish cake known as kamaboko. There are numerous kinds of kamaboko together with the kobumaki and the akamaki.

There are two eating places inside Kanazawa Station serving the native oden. Kuroobi, which at all times has lengthy strains, or Chikuwa which is an informal stand. Close by Ohmi Market additionally serves 🍢 oden.

Hokuya grocery store at Toyama Station.

Oden can be a meal that comes collectively shortly. Merely make dashi and add within the fish muffins. To this I additionally added fried tōfu, shirataki noodles, boiled eggs, and daikon I had simmered earlier than including to the recent pot. The one factor I didn’t have in the home is kurumabu, wheat gluten in a spherical form like a tire. It’s a traditional a part of the model of oden from Hokuriku. My child was disenchanted. I’m a nasty mom. 🤣

Hyakuban Mart in Kanazawa Station.

On the aspect we embody yuzu kosho – a salty chili paste made with yuzu peel and kanzuri – a fermented purple chili paste from Niigata. Each add a kick to the fish muffins. One may additionally serve it with karashi Japanese mustard which is the traditional condiment.

Fish cake choice at Hyakuban Mart.

The recent pot I used is for oden. There’s an insert that divides the pot into 4 sections to assist preserve the components organized.

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