Kokera Sushi – Historical past, Options, Recipe and Eating places

Have you ever ever heard about Kokera Sushi in Kochi, Japan? It’s like a particular sushi occasion occurring proper there. Japan has tons of sushi, however this sushi is actually distinctive. It’s not simply common sushi – it’s received a narrative, a practice, and an entire lot of native love packed into it. So, in the present day, let’s dive into the world of Kokera Sushi, discover out why it’s particular in Kochi, and uncover what makes it a tasty story of pleasure and historical past. Get able to munch on some good vibes from Japan!


What’s Kokera Sushi?

Kokera Sushi is a particular dish from Kochi Prefecture. It falls below the class of “Oshi Sushi,” the place vinegared rice, flavored with yuzu vinegar, is mixed with substances like shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and kinshi eggs. The preparation includes layering this yuzu-vinegar-infused rice and the substances inside a sq. picket body, making a 3-sho (roughly 10 kilograms) block of sushi. Curiously, it stands out as a sturdy pressed sushi, weighing over 30 kilograms and being robust sufficient to resist being thrown with out breaking.

To make this sushi, the method includes putting sushi rice right into a picket mildew, arranging the substances, putting a board on high, and making use of strain. This technique is repeated to attain the specified firmness. When serving on particular person plates, the act of stacking it in two layers represents a gesture of “piling up pleasure.”

Historical past & Origin


“Kokera Sushi” is a novel type of sushi, characterised by putting grilled and shredded fish, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, eggs, and extra on vinegared rice. The title’s origin has a number of theories. Some consider it comes from utilizing a “kokera-ita” (roof-like picket board) within the urgent course of, whereas others affiliate it with the looks resembling wooden chips (“kokera”) from wooden shaving.

Regional Variations

Substances range regionally. Close to Tanoura Fishing Port in Wakayama Metropolis, a summer season pageant custom includes serving Kokera Sushi with fish like “Himeji” or “Eso.” These fish, caught from spring to summer season, are ready by filleting into three items and salting prematurely.

In Zagasaki, Wakayama Metropolis, Kokera Sushi options minced Eso meat obtained via backside trawling. After baking and meticulous bone elimination, it turns into a pleasant dish typically generally known as “Tonton-zushi.”

Native types

Completely different areas showcase their distinctive types of “Kokera Sushi.” In Matsue, Wakayama Metropolis, the dish options layers of shredded shrimp or sea bream with vinegared rice. Alternatively, pink snapper might substitute shrimp.

Nachi-Katsuura City has its personal model, incorporating substances like black soybeans, river shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, Koya tofu, and carrots. Numerous leaves, akin to Basho leaves in summer season and mustard greens leaves in autumn or New 12 months celebrations, are used to divide the sushi.

Options of Kokera Sushi


Consuming habits of Kokera Sushi

In Kochi Prefecture, for roughly the previous 150 years because the Meiji interval, it has been a practice for kin and ladies locally to return collectively throughout varied celebrations like festivities, Shinto rituals, ceremonies, childbirth celebrations, and sixtieth birthday occasions. On these events, it was a typical observe for everybody to collectively put together Kokera Sushi. Nevertheless, in current instances, there was a decline within the variety of households partaking within the custom of creating the sort of sushi.

Substances & Style

Kokera Sushi includes a vibrant association of substances atop yuzu-vinegared rice, together with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, carrot leaves, kinshi eggs, and extra.

The flavour is distinct resulting from its use of yuzu vinegar as an alternative of conventional rice vinegar, imparting a delicate yuzu perfume that enhances the general style. The mix of yuzu vinegar from Kochi Prefecture with grilled mackerel ends in what is called “vinegar nigashi.”

The vinegared rice in “vinegar nigashi” incorporates a small quantity of mackerel meat, minimizing the fish’s texture. The mackerel broth contributes depth to the sushi rice’s taste, and a delicate aroma of grilled mackerel lingers within the aftertaste. Moreover, the inclusion of shiitake mushrooms, mixed with their broth, enhances the yuzu vinegared rice, creating an prompt and pleasant taste expertise upon every chunk.


Kokera Sushi belongs to the class of “oshi-zushi,” the place it undergoes a agency urgent with a weight exceeding 30 kilograms for 3 sho of rice. This urgent course of ends in a sturdy hardness that permits for clear, lovely cuts and a focus of umami taste. Regardless of its seemingly small look, the thorough urgent and hardening make it surprisingly substantial, leaving you feeling glad and full.

Kokera Sushi is “fortunate allure”

Kokera Sushi holds the importance of “layering pleasure,” symbolized by reducing substantial parts and presenting them in two layers on a small plate. This custom has been handed down over time as a logo of fine luck. As a consequence of its auspicious nature, in Kochi Prefecture, there’s a customized of having fun with it on particular events akin to celebrations, Shinto ceremonies, childbirth celebrations, and sixtieth birthday festivities.

Throughout celebrations and festivals, Kokera Sushi is usually served in the beginning of the meal, given its function as a congratulatory dish for purchasers.

How you can take pleasure in Kokera Sushi?

Kokera Sushi

Eat as it’s

Kokera Sushi is a kind of pressed sushi, so it’s sometimes loved simply as it’s.

Grilled Kokera Sushi

Grilled Kokera Sushi has been cherished since historical instances. When many individuals gathered to take pleasure in it, they typically made a big amount of Kokera Sushi. Any leftovers had been then grilled earlier than consumption. There are lots of people who notably love the style of grilled Kokera Sushi.

These days, some deliberately select to grill quite than consuming the leftovers. Grilling leftover sushi over charcoal ends in a crispy and aromatic texture, creating a special type of deliciousness. Some strategies of grilling at dwelling embrace utilizing a burner to sear the floor or utilizing an oven toaster so as to add a crispy texture, enhancing the flavour and pleasure.

Frozen Kokera Sushi

Whereas not beneficial, it’s potential to freeze Kokera Sushi. In the event you determine to freeze it, guarantee it’s utterly thawed and totally heated earlier than consumption. Inadequate heating might lead to a dry texture. After correct heating, including a seared floor utilizing a frying pan or related technique can additional improve the deliciousness of the frozen Kokera Sushi.

Kokera Sushi FAQ

Can I take pleasure in Kokera Sushi in several seasons?

Completely! The selection of substances can range with the seasons, reflecting the provision of contemporary produce. For instance, sure fish or greens could also be extra ample or flavorful throughout particular instances of the yr, influencing the composition and style of Kokera Sushi.

Aside from freezing, are there conventional strategies of preserving Kokera Sushi, and do these strategies range between households or communities?

Whereas freezing is an choice, some desire to eat it contemporary. Conventional strategies might embrace storing in cool, darkish locations or utilizing particular wrapping methods.

How you can prepare dinner Kokera Sushi?

Boxed Kokera Sushi


Substances (for 6-8 servings) Quantity
For sushi rice:
Rice 5 cups
Vinegar 90 ml
Sugar 90g
Salt 25g
Different substances
Eggs 2
Mustard Greens Leaves 5-6 sheets
Black Soybeans 100g
Shiitake mushrooms 6 items
Koya tofu 4 items
Carrot 1
River shrimp 100g
Pickled Ginger 1 tbsp



Put together Cooked Eggs

Create thinly cooked eggs and reduce them into 1cm squares


Season Substances

Season black soybeans, river shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, burdock, koya tofu, and carrot individually with dashi broth, sugar, soy sauce, and salt.

Lower the substances, making them barely smaller than black beans.


Line the Field

Line the underside of the field with mustard greens leaves and tightly unfold sushi rice to a thickness of 1cm to 1.5cm


Layer Substances

Flatten the floor and evenly sprinkle the 7 sorts of substances.


Repeat Layering

Place one other layer of mustard greens leaves, unfold sushi rice, and scatter the substances on high. Repeat this course of to create 2-3 layers.


Closing Meeting

Lastly, place mustard greens on high, cowl with a board, and press with a weight (3-4kg) for no less than 12 hours.

Beneficial retailer

Kokera-ya Predominant Retailer (こけら屋総本店)

Kokera Sushi from Kokera-ya Main Store

Meet the Kokera-ya Predominant Retailer, the hero saving Kochi’s tasty custom – “Kokera Sushi.” This particular sushi was virtually forgotten, however on August 2, 2022, the shop began promoting it once more. For about 150 years, Kokera Sushi has been a giant deal in Kochi for celebrations. However now, not many get to take pleasure in it. This retailer needs to convey again the love for Kokera Sushi, assist Kochi’s conventional meals, and let individuals all world wide find out about this tasty a part of Japan.

Tackle: 122-2 Odachi, Kochi Metropolis, Kochi Prefecture
Cellphone quantity: +818019970030
Enterprise hours: 9:00-18:00
Web site: https://kokerazushi.com/


Uncover the scrumptious story of Kokera Sushi from Kochi, Japan! This particular sushi, cherished for practically 150 years, was in peril of disappearing. However in 2022, it made a comeback, bringing pleasure to celebrations. Kokera Sushi isn’t simply meals; it’s a chunk of historical past and native tradition. Again within the day, everybody in Kochi loved it on particular events. Nevertheless, with time, fewer individuals received to style its goodness. Now, there’s a renewed effort to maintain the enjoyment alive, ensuring extra individuals, from Japan to world wide, uncover and love the distinctive flavors of Kokera Sushi!

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