Kame Okinawan Soba Wakasa Department… I lastly went! A pleasant piping scorching bowl of Soki-Soba. (iPhone 12 mini)


In Naha I often frequent Kame Soba within the Wakasa space however I by no means ventured into one other department with the precise identify only a brief stroll away..

Full contact menu merchandising machine and as I stood there for a bit the attentive employees requested me if I wished to assist… then pointed to a wall with a lot of menu gadgets pictured.

I’m all the time curious what’s on the underside of the bowl… there was the kanji Kame! aka Turtle.

Restaurant: Kamesoba Wakasa Department

Restaurant J: 亀そば わかさ店 – 沖縄そば専門店

Handle J: 沖縄県那覇市若狭1-1-6

Handle E: Okinawa, Naha-shi, Wakasa 1-1-6

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