Juke 80s bar for 500 yen beers and you’ll request 80s new wave and so forth. Music Movies! A really quiet Sunday night. (iPhone 12 Mini)



Good bar meals menu.

Pretty large number of drinks. 

Get together Plan! 2 hours all you possibly can drink plus course menu ranging from 3,300 yen. 

Queen – Underneath Strain! I normally wish to request New Wave music right here.

Counter seating for five with views of the bartender.

General its a really chill bar with no entrance price or desk cost.  Obtained 500 yen? Go request free music movies and luxuriate in a beer. 

Youtube video introducing the bar.

Restaurant Bar: Juke 80s Western Music Bar

Restaurant Bar J: 洋楽 MUSIC REQUEST BAR / 洋楽バー ジューク

Deal with J: 中野区中野5-56-15 金井ビルB1

Deal with E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-56-15, B1

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