Imo Shochu – Candy Potato Shochu drink


Imo Shochu, a standard Japanese spirit, is a crucial a part of Japan’s tradition. Crafted primarily from candy potatoes, this distilled liquor embodies a centuries-old custom of meticulous craftsmanship. Imo Shochu is well known for its easy and versatile taste profile, starting from earthy and candy to subtly fruity notes. Imo Shochu is a scrumptious style of Japan’s heritage. You may get pleasure from it straight up, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Locals and world fanatics can savor the essence of this iconic Japanese spirit.


What’s Imo shochu?

imo shochu

Imo shochu, additionally known as candy potato shochu,  is a shochu produced from candy potatoes from the Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures. It has a singular sweetness and aroma, however the taste and aroma can differ surprisingly relying on the number of uncooked potatoes and the manufacturing technique. Well-liked alcoholic drinks produced from candy potatoes are uncommon even on the earth. Characterised by its smooth, elegant sweetness and distinctive aroma. Locals usually loved it straight, on the rocks, or blended with water. It has a decrease alcohol content material in comparison with another spirits like vodka, usually starting from round 20% to 25% alcohol by quantity. The drink has gained reputation in Japan and internationally for its distinctive style and flexibility.

Imo shochu Historical past

imo shochu

Within the historic evolution of Imo Shochu in Japan, its origins hint again to historic occasions, with the spirit’s introduction from China to Satsuma through the Ryukyu Kingdom. Initially produced from rice, Imo Shochu’s vital transformation started in 1705 when candy potatoes had been launched to Satsuma. Cultivation of candy potatoes, particularly on the Shirasu Plateau, flourished. By the 18th century, candy potato Shochu manufacturing grew to become a particular function of the Satsuma area. The tactic then unfold to different areas like Miyakonojo, Sadowara, Obi, Takanabe, Miyakejima, and Hachijojima, creating a various panorama of Imo Shochu manufacturing.

In fashionable occasions through the Meiji interval, sake brewing laws had been lifted in 1871, resulting in a surge in personal Shochu producers in Kagoshima Prefecture. Nevertheless, challenges arose attributable to spoilage points and the notion that potato Shochu was of decrease high quality than rice Shochu. In response, manufacturing restrictions had been imposed in 1924, and voluntary laws had been applied in 1954 and 1956 in Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures, respectively. Regardless of ups and downs, Imo Shochu skilled booms within the Nineteen Seventies and 2000s, with the latter characterised by a speedy enhance in consumption, notably of potato Shochu. This progress solidified its standing as a distinguished Japanese spirit, surpassing barley Shochu in taxable export quantity by 2010.

Traits of Imo shochu

imo shochu

Imo Shochu is characterised by its candy taste. It affords a various style expertise influenced by elements like candy potato selection, manufacturing space, sort of koji mould, and preparation strategies. The general profile is marked by a sturdy sweetness, offering a mellow and wealthy style. The distinct candy potato taste varies amongst completely different manufacturers, providing a broad spectrum of choices, from daring and intense expressions highlighting the essence of candy potatoes to lighter, extra refreshing variations with much less pronounced candy potato notes. Moreover, some manufacturers function fruity aromas, including to the distinctive enchantment of potato Shochu. This selection in style is among the charming facets of potato Shochu, permitting fanatics to discover and select from a variety of flavors.

Charms of Imo shochu

imo shochu

The appeal of potato Shochu rests in its distinctive sweetness and aroma. Regardless of its candy style, it comprises zero sugar, making it a great alternative for these looking for sweetness whereas managing sugar consumption. Candy potatoes have a mild sweetness that’s completely different from different meals. They style good with out feeling heavy, like sugary drinks. Notably, the perfume of potato Shochu is a standout function. Candy potatoes have a fruity scent. In addition they have scents just like citrus, lychee, muscat, and banana. This fragrant complexity provides an additional layer of enchantment to the distinctive appeal of potato Shochu.

Kinds of Imo Shochu

imo shochu

Potato Shochu attracts its distinct flavors from a various vary of candy potatoes, with over 40 varieties influencing its style. Kogane Sengan, Pleasure White, and Shiroyutaka stand out among the many generally used varieties specifically cultivated for Shochu manufacturing. Kogane Sengan, particularly, holds a distinguished place attributable to its widespread reputation, celebrated for its elegant and mild aroma and noticeable sharp sweetness. These uncooked candy potato varieties play an important function in shaping potato Shochu’s distinctive and interesting style profile.

Well-liked/customary Imo Shochu

Hamada Sake Brewery Crimson Rabbit Horse

This candy potato shochu is called after the well-known horse “Crimson Hare” within the Chinese language historical past guide “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and is claimed to run 1,000 miles in in the future. It’s characterised by utilizing Kagoshima’s “Golden Sengan” and brewing it with smooth water from Kandake Spring. You may benefit from the refreshing sharpness, fruity aroma, and mellow style.

Taikai Sake Brewery Umi

A fruity potato shochu that’s simple to drink, even for rookies. It is a model made by “Oumi Sake Brewery,” which has a brewery on the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. It makes use of “Beniotome” and is brewed at “Onsen Suizutsuru.” It’s made by vacuum distilling moromi obtained by fermenting yellow koji at a low temperature. It’s characterised by its brilliant and refreshing style.

Hamada Sake Brewery DAIYAME

This candy potato shochu has a beautiful aroma harking back to lychee. This bottle is made within the Denzoin brewery of Hamada Sake Brewery, and its identify comes from the Kagoshima dialect phrase “Daimeme,” which suggests `”to heal one’s fatigue with a late drink.” Its candy and mellow style and sharp aftertaste might be loved as a drink with meals. 

Imo shochu FAQ

What’s the storage and ageing means of Imo shochu?

The method of storing and ageing potato Shochu performs an important function in refining its qualities. Initially, the distinct odor from freshly distilled Shochu is diminished by means of storage, making certain a stabilized alcohol high quality. Whereas customary Shochu is normally shipped after one to 3 months, permitting it to age for a 12 months or two leads to a extra subdued and deeper taste, contributing to a mellower style. 

What’s the best method to drink candy potato shochu, even for rookies?

Beginning with water is a good suggestion if you’re new to candy potato shochu. We suggest refreshing manufacturers made with white koji or vacuum distillation. In case you are involved concerning the distinctive scent of candy potatoes, strive carbonated potato shochu with a fruity aroma.

Easy methods to make Imo shochu?

imo shochu

Sorting and cleansing of uncooked potatoes

At Sanwa Sake Brewery, we primarily use Koganesengan, which might be mentioned to be the royal candy potato for making genuine candy potato shochu. Golden Sengan is a candy potato wealthy in starch and best suited for making shochu.Native farmers in Kagoshima Prefecture develop the potatoes and on the Shirasu Plateau. We choose them in our warehouse and thoroughly wash and use the undamaged, high-quality potatoes. Earlier than the second preparation, they steamed the Kogane Sengan in a candy potato steamer and finely crushed in a crusher.

Koji making

Sprinkle seed koji on steamed rice to make rice koji. Sanwa Shuzo’s genuine potato shochu makes use of white, black, and yellow koji. The koji room has a glass window, so you’ll be able to watch the koji-making course of exterior the brewery.

Main and secondary preparation utilizing kame tsubo

The observe of Honkaku Imo Shochu entails the primary stage of mixing rice koji, water, and yeast to create the “major moromi (sake mash),” and the alcoholic fermentation of the primary stage of mash by mixing steamed and crushed Kogane Senkan and water. Subsequent, there’s a second stage of preparation to make the principle mash.


The alcohol is extracted by distilling the completed mash in a pot. At Sanwa Sake Brewery, we use a uncommon wood barrel distiller (at regular strain), one in every of solely 10 or so in Kagoshima. The smooth steam distinctive to cedar wooden produces alcohol with a mellow style. But, it creates a wealthy and wealthy taste of candy potato shochu. Yasuo Tsuru, the one craftsman in Japan, manufactured the wood barrel distiller used to make Sanwa Shuzo’s candy potato shochu. Inheriting the strategies from his predecessor, Tatsuya Tsuru, a grasp craftsman who received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon as a “fashionable grasp craftsman,” he takes three months to create them with none blueprints or nails.

Storage/Getting older

At Sanwa Shuzo, the distilled potato shochu is aged in unglazed pots. Maturing slowly whereas repeatedly respiratory within the jar. Thanks partly to the impact of far infrared rays, the sharp style of freshly distilled candy potato shochu rounded out, producing a mellow and deep candy potato shochu.

The place to purchase Imo shochu?


At HAVESPI in Shinjuku, you’ll be able to drink 100 sorts of shochu from everywhere in the nation for limitless time for simply an admission payment of three,240 yen. You may as well drink lettuce, chestnuts, milk, and different sorts of shochu that you just’ve by no means seen at a store. There are such a lot of varieties that you could be have to know what to drink, however in the event you ask the employees for suggestions, they’ll kindly offer you options.

Handle: sixth ground, Watase Tama Constructing, 3-9-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 05057836015
Hours open: [Monday – Friday] 17:00 – 23:00 (LO 22:45) [Saturday, Sunday and holidays] 12:00 – 16:00 (LO 15:30) 17:00 – 23:00 (LO 22:45)
Web site:

Kumamoto Izakaya Shingai (渋谷道玄坂 熊本居酒屋 新市街)

Kumamoto Izakaya Shingai serves meals and alcohol from Kumamoto Prefecture, the navel of Kyushu. By the best way, Shingai is a spot in Kumamoto with many izakaya ( Japanese pubs). Kumamoto delicacies consists of mustard lotus root, horse sashimi, and different dishes that go properly with shochu.

Handle: Nonaka Constructing 1F, 1-18-2 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 0364164014
Hours open: [Monday to Friday] 11:30 to fifteen:00 (L.O. 14:00) 18:00 to 24:00 (L.O. 23:00) [Saturday, Sunday, and holidays] 18:00 to 24:00 (L.O. O23:00)
Web site:

Tokyo Shochu Bar GEN (東京焼酎&梅酒barGEN&MATERIAL)

Would you wish to pattern and evaluate many sorts of alcohol within the stress-free area of a bar with Japan’s largest collection of shochu and plum wine? There are 5,862 sorts of shochu and 1,221 sorts of plum wine. With all of those, you could be spoiled for alternative, however you’ll undoubtedly be capable to discover the alcoholic beverage of your alternative.

Handle: Aoyama Constructing B1F, 2-9-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 0354858316
Web site:

For On-line Buying

For many who need to order or purchase Imo Shochu in Japan, you’ll be able to mail it to your house on-line on Rakuten. You may try some outlets that promote Imo Shochu through Rakuten by clicking beneath.

And for many who need to order or purchase however reside away from Japan. You may ship them from Rakuten by following the steps beneath. Rakuten affords Worldwide Delivery Service, so don’t worry about learn how to obtain your gadgets. Rakuten International Specific is an internet procuring service that enables customers to buy at shops in Japan.


First, you want a Rakuten ID. In case you are already a Rakuten member, you can begin utilizing Rakuten International Specific. When you’ve got not registered but, click on right here.

Get your private RGX handle

After signing up, you’ll get a Japanese handle: a Rakuten International Specific handle.

Store at shops in Japan

Now that you just get your self a private RGX handle (Rakuten International Specific handle). You may store on-line in Japan, click on right here to buy Imo Shochu (not solely Rakuten however different on-line shops are additionally included).

 When you might have determined in your gadgets, set the supply handle to your Rakuten International Specific handle.

Verify gadgets

After gadgets are shipped to the RGX handle, they are going to be packed into one package deal. You additionally obtain an e mail upon confirming this stuff and fee.

As soon as the fee is confirmed, your package deal can be delivered inside a chosen interval relying in your transport alternative.

Closing Ideas

In conclusion, Imo Shochu is a testomony to Japan’s cultural heritage. It combines custom and innovation to create a spirit that represents its origins. Imo Shochu’s journey demonstrates the facility and adaptableness of Japanese craftsmanship. It started in Satsuma and continues to thrive with fashionable developments and accomplishments. Lovers can benefit from the numerous flavors of candy potatoes. These flavors enhanced by means of cautious manufacturing strategies. Whenever you discover Imo Shochu, could you discover its pleasant style and admire its wealthy historical past and craftsmanship.

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