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Ikura salmon donburi

Residence cured ikura. Curing salmon roe at house is considerably easy.

Step one is to drag out the roe from the sac. Make a big bowl of chilly 3% salt water. Gently pull out the roe from the sac. It’s surprisingly straightforward. Then rinse off the bloody a part of the roe. It might take a couple of rinses. Make sure you use chilly 3% salt water. Some fishmongers in Japan will pull the roe out of the sac for purchasers. As soon as dwelling rinse a couple of extra occasions in chilly salted water.

Uncooked sujiko

After the sacs are freed from blood put the roe in a jar and add a mix of soy sauce and mirin. Style the combination to see that it’s to your liking. We like ours a bit bit on the candy facet.

Let the sacs treatment in a single day after which get pleasure from! We benefit from the roe over rice, pasta, or just by the spoonful.

This yr the roe is cheaper than in previous years. excuse to indulge!

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