Fab Mart has the MOST superb Tacos I’ve ever had in Japan!! Hawaiian Poke Taco WOW! (Sony RX100)


Every time I goto Okinawa Im often on the hunt for both Hawaiian Poke or Tacos and randomly noticed Fab Mart after lunch… observed that they had Poke! So a number of days later I went once more.

However the Hawaiian Poke wasn’t out there today…

So I ordered me a Blissful Hour beer and…

… the cashier mentioned the grilled tuna was the preferred merchandise so why not!

This taco completely jogged my memory of these Taco Vehicles in Los Angeles (LA).  It was simply sooo good with comfortable shell.

Included a tiny lime?

I needed to get one other however one other chef arrived and she or he helped me choose one other taco. I discussed I got here once more simply to eat the Hawaiian Poke an she talked about they’ve Poke Tacos!! OMG!

This was completely scrumptious!  Completely jogged my memory of Poke in Hawaii.

I believe the fish sat on a mattress of Kail veggies.  So I simply on the greens alone because it was a bit too overbearing and needed to benefit from the poke with the taco shell.

Guys!!! When in Japan please fly to Fab Mart in Okinawa for the very best tacos I’ve ever had on this nation!  I’ll positively be again many many occasions… YUM!!

Restaurant:  Fab Mart

Restaurant J: ファブマート

Deal with J: 沖縄県那覇市安里382-1, 栄町商店街

Deal with E: Okinawa, Naha, Asato 382-1 (Inside Sakaemachi Arcade)

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