Daigaku Imo – Etymology, Origin and Really useful recipe


Daigakuimo is a much-loved delight adored for its wealthy sweetness, crunchy exterior, and tender, crispy inside. Let’s discover the origins of this title and uncover the story behind these pleasant college potatoes. Not simply that, do you know there are related recipes often called “junior highschool potatoes” and “elementary faculty potatoes”? Let’s uncover additional particulars about this pleasant daigaku imo within the article at this time!


What’s Daigaku Imo?

Daigaku Imo is a standard Japanese candy constituted of deep-fried candy potato items coated in a sugary syrup, usually flavored with honey. It’s cherished for its crispiness on the surface and tender, candy texture inside, making it a beloved snack throughout completely different age teams.

This dish gained recognition through the Taisho and Showa durations, particularly amongst college college students, therefore its title “Daigakuimo” or “college potato.” It’s an easy-to-make deal with that holds each cultural significance and a spot within the hearts of those that take pleasure in its pleasant style.


The title “Daigaku Imo” has an fascinating historical past and a number of origin theories:

Idea 1: Faculty College students’ Choice

One idea means that Daigaku Imo gained its title as a result of it was the favourite snacks of college college students, significantly through the Taisho and Showa durations. At the moment, many college college students struggled financially, and candy potatoes have been an inexpensive and filling possibility, making them well-liked amongst this demographic. Whereas varied age teams of individuals might take pleasure in daigaku imo, it acquired its title as a consequence of its recognition amongst college college students.

Apparently, there’s a twist on this idea. Whereas the title implies that it was college students from the most effective college in Japan who loved it probably the most, historic anecdotes counsel that the scholars particularly keen on Daigaku Imo have been from the College of Tokyo, famend as Japan’s prime college. This stemmed from a candy store known as “Mikawaya” close to the College of Tokyo’s Akamon, the place fried candy potatoes with honey grew to become a success amongst college students.

Idea 2: College students’ Entrepreneurial Endeavor

One other idea proposes that through the Taisho interval’s financial downturn, college students struggling to pay tuition charges started promoting Daigaku Imo as a method to earn cash for his or her training. This entrepreneurial effort may need contributed to the snack’s recognition, reflecting the resilience of scholars throughout difficult occasions.

Idea 3: Pattern of Naming Merchandise with “College”

Through the Taisho and Meiji durations, there was a pattern to prefix “college” to numerous merchandise. This advertising tactic aimed to draw prospects by associating gadgets with greater training establishments, highlighting high quality or sophistication. Daigaku Imo may need adopted the time period “college” as part of this advertising pattern, signifying the innovation of candy potato frying with honey throughout that period.

These theories showcase the intriguing historical past behind the title “Daigaku Imo,” providing varied views on its origin, every including depth to the story behind this beloved Japanese snack.

Historical past of Daigaku Imo

The origin of Daigakuimo’s title has varied theories. One means that through the Taisho and Showa durations, college college students, usually struggling financially, discovered candy potatoes an inexpensive and filling meals selection, resulting in the deal with’s recognition amongst this demographic.

One other idea hyperlinks its title to a candy store, “Mikawaya,” positioned close to the College of Tokyo, the place honey-coated fried candy potatoes grew to become a success among the many college students, significantly these attending the celebrated establishment.

There’s additionally hypothesis that the “college” prefix grew to become a pattern through the Taisho and Meiji durations, with varied merchandise adopting the time period. Most individuals consider that this pattern influenced the naming of fried candy potatoes to “Daigaku Imo.”

Candy Potato Varieties in Daigaku Imo

Daigakuimo delights in its candy sauce and crispy texture, a deal with sometimes constituted of candy potatoes. Nevertheless, the realm of candy potatoes is huge, that includes varieties like “Beni Haruka,” “Annoimo,” and “Naruto Kintoki.” Surprisingly, regardless of the shared class, every sort brings forth distinct flavors when crafted into the identical dish.

Exploring the nuances of candy potato varieties, the formally registered ones complete round 60 numerous sorts. These candy potatoes might be broadly categorized into three textures: “Hokuhoku sort,” “sticky sort,” and “moist sort,” every providing distinctive culinary experiences.

Hokuhoku sort (Fluffy sort)

Firstly, the “Hokuhoku sort” boasts a clean texture with decrease moisture content material, excellent for lovers of basic baked candy potatoes. Standard varieties on this class embrace Naruto Kintoki, Goroshima Kintoki, and Beni Azuma, amongst others.

Sticky sort

Conversely, the “sticky sort” with greater water and sugar content material delivers a creamy texture, splendid for creating baked candy potatoes with an unprecedented consistency. Notably, Annoimo, gaining immense recognition, serves as each a baked candy potato and a sought-after ingredient for sweets.

Moist sort

Lastly, the “moist sort,” putting a stability between the Hokuhoku and sticky sorts, presents average sweetness and a velvety texture. Its elegant sweetness makes it a becoming selection for crafting candy delicacies like candy potatoes and candy yokan. Consultant varieties embrace Silk Candy, Beni Haruka, and Aikomachi, amongst others.

Daigaku Imo Q&A

Why is Daigaku Imo known as “College Potato”?

The title “Daigaku Imo” interprets to “College Potato.” This title originated from college college students’ fondness for this inexpensive, filling snack through the Taisho and Showa durations. Regardless of a number of theories about its title, the affiliation with college college students’ preferences stays distinguished.

What distinguishes the standard preparation of Daigaku Imo?

The standard methodology entails reducing candy potatoes into chunks, deep-frying them till golden brown and crispy, after which coating them in a candy syrup constituted of sugar, soy sauce, and honey. This pleasant deal with is commonly garnished with sesame seeds.

Are there regional variations of Daigaku Imo in Japan?

Sure, completely different areas throughout Japan have their distinctive twists on Daigaku Imo. For example, in Ibaraki Prefecture, the place candy potatoes are ample, variations may embrace utilizing native candy potato varieties or experimenting with varied coatings or flavors.

Learn how to make Daigaku Imo?


Elements Measurements
Candy potato 250-300g
Salad oil 5 tbsp
Sugar 4 tbsp
Soy sauce 1/3 tsp




Reduce the candy potato into items, leaving the pores and skin on.



If frying instantly, no have to soak in water. In a frying pan, mix salad oil, sugar, soy sauce, and candy potatoes over medium warmth. As soon as foam seems, scale back warmth barely. Fry often for six to 7 minutes, altering the potato course. After they colour, scale back to low warmth.



When cooked, reduce the oil whereas mixing accrued sugar on the pan backside. Whereas scorching, sprinkle floor sesame seeds on prime.

Really useful Eating places/Shops

Daigaku Imo Chibaya (大学いも千葉屋)

“Chibaya” is a specialty retailer for college potatoes in Asakusa. They’re recognized for promoting out rapidly within the mornings and provide large-cut candy potatoes with a crispy texture. Their college potatoes are characterised by a wealthy sugar content material, making them fairly addictive.

Handle: 3-9-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +81338722302
Enterprise hours: 10:00–17:00 (shut on Tuesday)

Oimoya-san Koshin (おいもやさん興伸)

“Oimoya-san Koshin” is a candy potato confectionery specialty retailer managed by Kawako Shoten, a candy potato wholesaler established in 1869. Because it’s managed by a wholesaler, they use fastidiously chosen seasonal candy potatoes. Their college potatoes are generously lined with molasses, creating a pleasant expertise.

Handle: 1-36-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +81338433886
Enterprise hours: 09:00–19:00
Web site: http://www.oimoyasan.com/

Gōkaku-ya (大学いもの合格屋)

“Gōkaku-ya” is a famend college potato retailer close to JR Itabashi Station. Regardless of having a brand new tenant, it’s truly a long-established retailer that has been cherished in Itabashi for almost 30 years. They provide conventional old school college potatoes made by the proprietor, whose grandfather is the founding father of “Matsuya,” a well-known college potato in Oyama.

Handle: 1-50-13 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: +81359445151
Enterprise hours: 10:00–19:00
Web site: http://itabashi-life.com/ippin_view.php?n=7460895061


Daigaku Imo is greater than only a tasty snack; it’s part of Japan’s historical past and a favourite deal with for a lot of. Whether or not you’re cooking it at dwelling or attempting it at a beneficial restaurant, this candy potato dish connects us to Japan’s previous and brings pleasure within the current. Its completely different variations present how meals might be part of traditions, telling tales by flavors. Daigaku Imo has a long-lasting attraction that brings a little bit of historical past to each chew, making it a particular deal with price having fun with and sharing with others. Let’s discover out extra about Daigaku Imo by our recipes or by visiting the beneficial eating places listed above!

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